Posted on April 2, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Packaging Update 4 – Packaging Papers – 60 lb Indented Kraft

packingpaper_6922webOur eco friendly packaging store shows just a small sampling of the most popular types of packaging papers, in the most popular width – 24”. The truth is that we offer many more sizes, weights and grades than we can possible show on a web store. Virgin and recycled Kraft, bogus, and newsprint for interleaving, surface protection, cushioning and especially for void fill. They are all excellent materials when used for the correct application but we have found a new favorite and so have our customers. – indented recycled Kraft paper.

What is indented Kraft paper?

Indented is Kraft paper that has been run through a secondary process giving it a raised, bumpy finish which makes it softer to the touch while making it tougher and better for certain applications. For example, it does a better job of filling a void within a box being shipped because the indenting makes it more voluminous and bulkier. Hence you wind up using less of it to fill the same size void and it is more effective in protecting the product, especially if it is heavier, has sharper edges or is more likely to be damaged in shipment.

Packaging paper that does not hurt economically or physically

Since the indented Kraft paper we sell is 100% recycled content, it is considered eco friendly and because you use far less of it, it is green from that aspect as well. Let’s not forget using less also results in a lower unit cost which is good for the pocket book, especially in these tough economic times.

We recently showed 60# indented Kraft to a lady who packs boxes all day and with an immediate large smile on her face, she proclaimed, “no more paper cuts”. As soon as she touched it she immediately realized our paper was softer and would not result in the skin on her fingers and hands being painfully slit on an almost daily basis. Yet she could also see that it was stronger and would do an excellent job of satisfying her void fill needs.


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Do you have a different paper packaging need and application? Ask!
Though the packaging paper industry is filled with “standard or commonly used products,” our specialty above and beyond is providing custom products for unique needs.

For example, on our web store you will find 60# recycled indented Kraft, 24” paper which is by far the most common width and grade. However, we have paper available as light as 30# and as heavy as 90# and we can provide it in 6” increments up to 72” wide.

So if you are a candle manufacturer and are packing small, light weight boxes and the ideal grade and width for you is 30#, 12”, we can provide it. On the other hand if you like wrapping your heavy duty chainsaws, perhaps 60#, 72” is the way to go.

A world of green packaging options

You may be surprised to know how many people use a product that is not ideal for them only because it is readily available and “that’s what we’ve always used”. Yet the right grade, gauge and width can easily reduce their cost and make them greener from the multiple perspectives outlined above. Allow a knowledgeable supplier the opportunity to review your needs and don’t be surprised if the right product can be easily provided to help you serve your customers at a lower cost.