Posted on March 10, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Packaging – Keeping it Real

corrugated box with discountGood news! If you’re looking for authentic eco friendly packaging at a low cost, check out our brand new e-commerce site, We built the store for entrepreneurs and small companies who take sustainable packaging seriously.

Better news! If you order before April 30, 2009, you’ll get an extra 10% discount! (Details at the end of this post.)

Keeping It Real

One of the things I most appreciate about this relatively new expression is that it seems to transcend age. Unlike a lot of phrases that the young or old adopt and the opposite end of the age spectrum cannot relate to, “keeping it real” means pretty much the same to everyone. It has become synonymous with genuine, authentic, and telling it like it is.

“Real” is the best way to describe what we are doing for the green market in search of packaging materials that are consistent with their products and their beliefs. While we currently satisfy the packaging needs of some very large companies and over half of our work is custom in terms of size, grade or print we have never forgotten our original goal of making eco friendly packaging products available to everyone. To that end, we are very pleased and proud to announce the launching of our new e-commerce store – .

It has been almost two years in development and design, primarily because in many cases, the product categories the market was asking for simply did not exist. We persisted because the market’s needs are genuine, and we even assisted in the development of some of the products. The end result is a unique internet store that offers the best selection of eco friendly packaging materials available anywhere.

A Sustainable Packaging E-Store with a Real Difference!

Low minimum purchase. Until now, green packaging products were hard to find and the minimums too large for low volume users. We offer boxes, box sealing tape, mailer envelopes, packaging papers and 100% PCW labels, all easily available in one place. We will also be adding new green products throughout this year so getting on our mail list is a must. And oh, by the way, the minimum on our products is one – one bundle, one case, one pack, etc.

globe guard corrugated boxesHigh quality products. Green packaging/high recycled content packaging products are usually inferior to standard products. Our products, like our Globe Guard 100% recycled (PCW) boxes, have been tested numerous times by some of the largest and greenest companies in America. Our products are guaranteed to perform as well or better than what you are using today or we will refund the purchase price.

Eco friendly packaging you can trust. Green packaging products make claims that are often hard to believe – you will get the straight answer from us. For example, currently our paper mailer envelope manufacturer is in the process of converting his products from 40% recycled content to 100%. As a result, we currently stock some of both but each is clearly marked on the website and on the product so there is absolutely no misunderstanding or greenwashing.

Our green packaging products are priced right – we have no trouble relating to the financial strain everyone is currently experiencing and are committed to offering prices that are competitive or even lower than non-green equivalent products. We do not expect you to pay a premium to be able to send a consistent eco-message to your customers.

Keeping Eco-Friendly Packaging Real

Please visit and you will see our store tag line is –

Real green products, real quick delivery and real world prices.

Globe Guard Products

As an Inside Sustainable Packaging reader, please use promo code BLOG for a 10% discount on all Globe Guard store purchases, including all sale items, until April 30, 2009. Also, please note that 1% of every on line purchase this year is donated to 1% for the Planet, to help support many environmental causes.

We believe you will find what you are looking for at but if not, please remember we can create any custom products you want or need with the same eco-friendly materials we use on our stock Globe Guard products.

eco-friendly-packaging-storeVisit the Globe Guard Eco Friendly Packaging Store for –

Eco Friendly Corrugated Boxes

and more!