Posted on June 4, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Packaging and the Magic Bullet

People who are eager to find quick and simple solutions to some of our most complex sustainability problems are often disappointed when they hear me say there is no packaging magic bullet that satisfies all requirements, at all times, and on all products.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that rarely does one product do everything that is necessary for a tough application. If there is a “universal solution” to our eco dilemma, it is probably multiple products and resources working together, each bringing something unique, different and green to the application.

One Tough Green Packaging Application

bad-axe-eco-friendly-packagingSay hello to Bad Axe Tool Works, a company with a neat name, interesting web site and a premier manufacturer of cutting tools for woodworking and other wood related activities like pruning and clearing trees. When we met them they were concerned with preventing damage during shipment and making sure their packaging was as green as possible. Considering the incredibly sharp nature of their products, it was definitely a challenge.

One Great, Excellent Packaging Partner

Adams Foam in Chicago makes a terrific product called Green Cell Foam. The product is made from non-GMO corn, and after use, it can be recycled, composted or simply dissolved in water. It is also surprisingly tough and able to stand up to rugged applications like the one that was developing at Bad Axe Tools Works. We had conversations with the nice people at Adams Foam but nothing brings packaging people together like a good, challenging application and Bad Axe did indeed bring us together.

What it Took to Get the Job Done (See Photos Below)

Solving this rather unique and difficult application really began by utilizing custom size Globe Guard 100% recycled PCW, eco friendly corrugated boxes that were large enough for the variety of products, allowed for protective, cushioning materials but not too oversized requiring additional or unnecessary void fill packaging.

For the protection of some surfaces we recommended our stock 60# indented recycled Kraft and for others the Green Cell Foam worked best. As the photos below show, the Green Cell Product is also rigid enough that it can be used for blocking and bracing.

Bad Axe chose to literally wrap the whole package design up with our custom printed water activated tape. Not only does this make the entire package eco friendly, their logo which is nearly as sharp as their products, really stands out on it. Very eye catching, great branding and it does an excellent job of communicating the best of class image Bad Axe Tool Works promotes and represents.

Award Winning or Customer Winning Package Design?

This team effort may not win one of the many green packaging awards that are being handed out lately but it is definitely a win/win/win for Bad Axe Tools Works, Adams Foam and Salazar Packaging, Inc. Once again we have demonstrated that a combination of materials and companies can accomplish virtually anything if they are all focused on a green packaging solution.

Item Is Wrapped and Protected

Item Is Wrapped and Protected

Package Inserted Securely in Box

Package Inserted Securely in Box

Item (shown in foreground) Is Ready to Ship

Item (shown in foreground) Is Ready to Ship


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