Posted on December 6, 2012 by Dennis Salazar

How to Save Money When Buying Custom Printed Packaging

Most people prefer to ship their products in custom printed, branded packaging, but are convinced they can’t afford it or their volume is too low to justify the initial set up costs. On an almost daily basis, we prove to those same people that neither of those perceptions is true.

Low Minimums for Custom Printing is a Good Start

Inventory is money, so it is always helpful when you can avoid buying high quantities to make your branding vision a reality. A great example is our unpadded paper mailer envelopes which are available printed in a one case minimum. The mailer count per case varies depending on size from 500 on our smallest 5” X 10” flat mailer to our largest, stock 12-1/2” X 4” X 20” gussetted mailer that comes packed only 200 per case. Callers are often surprised and ask us to confirm the minimum because it is contrary to what others say or attempt to impose.

Minimize Art and Plate Charges for Custom Printed Packaging

We provide print lay out templates for most of the products we offer to help make the process as easy as possible. Generally, when your artwork is complete when submitted to us, art preparation charges can be avoided and your only initial cost is for your print plate.

Most of the print plates we use to print our variety of packaging products are designed to last for years so unless you change the copy or the size of the copy, plate costs are a one-time charge that you will likely never have to pay again. On the unpadded paper mailers I mentioned above, the plate cost rarely exceeds $100 per image size.

Using the Same Print Plate for Different Size Products

Some customers use multiple size boxes, mailers, envelopes, etc. so they imagine the custom printing art and plate charges will also be multiplied. That is not always true, if you are able to design one size image that will “fit” and look good printed on several different product sizes.

That was the case on the Babee Talk custom printed paper mailers shown in the photograph. We were able to help guide them from a design that would have required three different plates, to a corner design that enables them to print three different mailer sizes with one single print plate. In this particular case, the plate savings paid for a large portion of the mailer cost.

Custom Printing Design Help

Thanks to the variety of customers, applications and products we have, there are few situations that we have not seen before, and enabling us to help our customers and clients minimize all of their costs.

So before you give up on your branded packaging dream, contact Salazar Packaging, Inc. for a no cost, no obligation, review of you needs. To see the variety of different mailer options we offer, please check out our store at

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