Posted on May 9, 2012 by Dennis Salazar

Green Packaging Solution – Die-Cut Custom Mailers with Built-in Corrugated Inserts

Corrugated inserts to hold and protect a product within a mailer shipping box are usually a great packaging solution. In most cases, they reduce or eliminate the need for additional protective packaging products such as foam, paper or bubble packaging, and the labor required to use and apply those ancillary packaging materials.

When is a “built-in” insert advantageous?            

In some situations, it is wiser to create a mailer box and use separate inserts for different size or shape products. Being able to stock one box and only have to swap out the inserts can be the most convenient and economical way to go.

However, in many other circumstances, when the mailer box is going to be used only for one product size and shape, there are numerous advantages to using a mailer with a built-in insert. These benefits may include:

Cell phone mailer with built in insert


  • Lower packaging cost – typically a built-in insert results in lower cost because there is less waste and scrap.
  • Reduced procurement costs – both necessary components are ordered, shipped and delivered together resulting in overall savings.
  • Minimized storage and handling costs – valuable warehouse and pack station space is saved by not requiring multiple packaging components.

Simple Packaging Sustainability

There are many areas in packaging that are quite complicated and require a lot of data and analysis. This is sustainability simplified – anything that uses less packaging materials and costs less energy to produce, ship and store is good and green.

To make our die-cut mailer and insert designs a little greener, we use only our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content corrugated board. We can customize the finish and print them with custom graphics but we always make sure we maintain our ability to also make it 100% recyclable, repulpable and even biodegradable.

An Application Analysis

This is always the first step in the process for us and helps us to design correctly for the application. After all, what is the point of buying custom packaging if the “fit” isn’t perfect and the particular application requirements are not satisfied? For example, on the cell phone box shown in the photograph above, the goals were to be able to use a standard UPS or FedEx label, to minimize or eliminate interior protective packaging and to provide a perimeter “crush zone” to protect the product.

Contact Salazar Packaging to discuss your packaging challenges, and we can assure you we will be able to create a greener and lower cost package design than you might expect.

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