Posted on September 15, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Five Good Reasons to Add a New Size to Your E-commerce Packaging Now

Why adding a new box to your line up is cost-effective

We have a great, national reputation as the “less is more” people in packaging. We have helped companies by showing them how to take twelve different sizes of corrugated containers and trimming them to an easier to manage, lower cost series of six different sizes. We have also designed a single box with multiple custom inserts that allow several different product configurations to ship within the same box size.  (See the first two related posts below.)

There are, however, times when we must admit “more is more”. Sometimes, adding a new size to your box assortment helps you control and reduce your various costs, deliver a more attractive, more effective, and less wasteful package to your customers. Here are a few great reasons to make that change now:

Adding a new box size is quick and easy

In most cases the most time-consuming work of package design is already done. If you recall all the details, approvals, and time it took with structural and graphic design, you are now able to short cut the process. The major decisions are already made, so this can be as easy as “I want a box exactly like what I have, but two inches taller”. Or if you are unsure, send us the new product or configuration and we will size it for you. This allows us to fast track your new box and possibly ship it to you in about two weeks.

Reducing your e-commerce shipping and storage costs

Chances are you have been shipping DTC products long enough to know that there are several critical costs that add up quickly. Box cost is important, but shipping cost is probably the most expensive single cost you experience. Thanks to dimensional rate calculations, shipping a box that is too large can add several dollars per package to your overall cost to ship an order.

Minimizing your packaging and fulfillment expenses

Oversized box for small productUnless you are just getting started and are doing your own packing and shipping, chances are you are working with a 3PL (third party logistics) company or a fulfillment operation that handles all of your inventory, picking, packaging, and shipping for you. What they all have in common is that they charge for everything including storage, and of course picking and packing. If something takes longer than they estimated, there is an additional charge for that. If your box is oversized and void fill is needed (bubble, paper, air bags, whatever) there is understandably a charge for that as well.  So right sizing your packaging becomes increasingly important as your business grows.

Being Eco-Obvious is important

Years ago, we coined this term basically saying if you are selling a green product to a green consumer, your packaging should reflect your values. Many companies have received this or similar customer feedback, “I love the product but why are you using so much packaging”? I think we all agree we do not want to be the Staples of the market we serve. Minimizing packaging is a responsibility and it saves money, but perhaps more importantly, it is what our green customers want and expect.

Adding an additional box size is relatively inexpensive

Last week we had two customers who each added a third box size to the two we already made for them. Both customers were able to use one of our over 200 available stock cutting dies we keep on hand. They each saved approximately $1,000 by not having to purchase a custom size cutting die. Using one of our stock dies also saved precious time with the busiest time of the packaging year already upon us. Keep in mind you may also be able to avoid any artwork charges because our print plate maker may be able to size your existing art to fit the new box.

So, if you have a box that is too large for your most popular product or perhaps your largest current box is too small for a new product or configuration, rightsizing your packaging is always a wise thing to do, and we work to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Whether you are a current customer or buying your boxes elsewhere, you can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at  We will gladly provide a no cost application review and help you determine the best way to move forward.


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