Posted on May 15, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

Custom Printed Mailer Envelopes – The Ideal Packaging Solution for Shipping and Branding Your Soft Goods.


Whether you are shipping organic baby clothes, tee shirts, or high fashion clothing, in our opinion there are few greater economic or environmental wastes than shipping soft goods in boxes. Keep in mind this opinion comes from a guy who sells boxes for a living as well as the tape and void fill/cushioning materials that boxes usually require.

The truth is that there are very few good reasons to ship soft goods in a box and many reasons not too, including material cost, customer perception, labor and time savings, branding options and even shipping costs.

Shipping weight savings

Compared to shipping boxes, unpadded paper mailer envelopes typically save money on shipping inbound and outbound. That is the cost to get the mailer envelopes to you and the cost to get them to your customers. As shipping rates continue to climb, every ounce makes a difference and mailer envelopes are the lightest, most economical method to ship anything but especially soft goods that can be heavy and dense.

Labor savingsholding brown paper package

RSC and even mailer boxes require set up prior to packing and taping to seal them. Our Globe Guard® unpadded paper mailers open and load easily and feature a “peel and seal” adhesive strip that keeps the mailer envelope securely sealed throughout the shipping process.

Most packers can easily fill and seal two or three mailer envelopes in the same time it takes to pack one RSC style box. That not only saves time and labor costs, it also helps improve through put, especially during those busy surges and seasons.

Branding Options

Everyone now understands the value of that moment when your product (in your packaging) arrives at your customer’s home or office. Making a positive, memorable impression is critical and may even influence the way your product is perceived as well as help determine if the customer will return. Your package makes an impression and you control whether it will be a good one or one you regret.

There are NO other packaging branding options that are available in a low one case minimum. Example: for our very popular 10-1/2” X 3-3/4” X 19” gusseted Kraft mailer, that one case minimum represents 200 envelopes. There are no other packaging containers we know of that you can print your logo or message on in that low a quantity.

Please review our list of available mailer sizes as shown on our green packaging store and let us know if you would like to receive and review any samples. Surprisingly, they are both more rugged and more attractive than you may think.

If unpadded paper mailer envelopes truly are not right for your application, we do offer a wide range of mailer envelopes including padded paper and poly, as well as two different grades of unpadded poly mailers. If you really do need a box, few companies are better at custom sizes, custom designs and custom prints.

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation review of your specific needs.

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