Posted on January 9, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

Affordable, Eco-Friendly Packaging for Tee Shirts, Clothing and Soft Goods

We are pleased to work with a number of different tee shirt and clothing apparel companies shipping everything from sports apparel to infant clothing.  As a result we have developed one of the most extensive products lines for the soft good industry.

Many Low Cost, Green Packaging Options

We have proven that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to ship more sustainable packaging to your customers that is economical and can be an effective component in your marketing and branding scheme. A few of our most popular options are as follows:

 Die Cut Corrugated Mailers

Companies who prefer an “upscale, presentation” look for shipping to their customers will often utilize a die cut mailer to ship their tee shirts and other apparel. Mailers like our 11-1/8” X 8-5/8” X 1” can display the product for the consumer creating an immediate, positive impression. In other cases a compact top tuck mailer like our very popular 7” X 7” X 2” can get the job done at a relatively low cost.

Check out our variety of die cut stock sizes available on our store. Any of them can also be custom printed, usually shipping in two weeks after art approval.

Mailer Envelopes

Some tee shirt shippers prefer using either an unpadded plastic or paper a mailer envelope. Plastic envelopes are typically the choice of companies who want the lowest possible shipping weight and like the moisture resistant properties of a plastic mailer envelope.  On our store you can see our premium mailer that is white on the outside and silver on the inside or our recycled content mailer that is gray out and black in. Both are 100% recyclable and both can be custom printed however, higher minimums apply.

Other apparel companies would not dream of shipping their products in “a plastic bag” regardless of recycled content or recyclability, especially if the products are made of organic cotton. For those people our unpadded paper mailer envelopes are the obvious choice and you will see them used by a number of very large and very successful soft goods manufacturers and retailers. What also makes these paper mailers so popular is their 100% recycled content and one case minimum for custom printing.

Custom Paperboard and Corrugated Retail Packaging

Soft goods are always a challenge to display in a retail environment.  They can become damaged or soiled when rack hung and quickly turn into unsightly piles of clothing if shelf displayed.

In response to those problems, we are able to create effective, attractive and affordable designs in both corrugated and paper board designs including folding cartons and rigid boxes. In many cases the minimums are relatively low for custom packaging and the prices are very competitive with stock solutions that may not fit the product well or provide the desired “custom branded look”.

Paper Tube Packaging

We offer no “stock sizes” because of the wide variety of available tube diameters, tube lengths and end closure options such as metal, plastic or paper caps and plugs. However, we can create a custom tube in a low 1,000 piece minimum for a very practical and eye catching shipping or retail container.

They can be plain white or natural Kraft or custom printed in virtually any design you may prefer.

RSC Shipping Boxes

Last but not least, especially for bulk wholesale or large order retail shipping are our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content corrugated shipping boxes. We offer many popular stock sizes or we can make any size you need with a low 500 box minimum. Both stock and custom size RSC boxes can be custom printed and the initial order can usually ship two weeks after approved artwork.

As e-commerce clothing retailers compete to create a unique brand and look, much of the work we do is completely custom and compared to the options above, would be listed as “none of the above”. If you have a dream look in mind, we are quite confident we can help you accomplish it.

Please contact Salazar Packaging or Globe Guard Products for a no cost, no obligation, and confidential review of your packaging needs.

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