Two New Green Packaging Products Eliminate the Use of Bubble Packaging and/or Packing Peanuts

26 Jul 2012 Two New Green Packaging Products Eliminate the Use of Bubble Packaging and/or Packing Peanuts

Both peanuts and bubble are very effective when used correctly and for the right application. They can do a great job of cushioning and protecting delicate, expensive and fragile items such candles, ceramics, picture frames and even artwork.

The drawback of both peanuts and bubble is that they tend to be bulky, expensive to ship and store, and especially in the case of peanuts, messy. Oh yes, they also happen to be plastic in a world that continues to grow more “anti-plastic.”

We are very glad to announce the addition of two new excellent paper-based products that will satisfy most cushioning and protective packaging applications, are easy to use, economically priced and rank a lot higher on our “eco obvious” scale because unlike plastic packaging solutions, they are easily recycled.

EZ Green Pak Paper Delivery System

It is literally Kraft paper with a twist. Many seasonal or low volume packers enviously admire the high speed, motorized “paper crunching” systems that would make their packers more efficient but unfortunately their volume does not justify the free placement or monthly lease cost of the necessary machine.

The unique design of the EZ Green Pak box twists the paper into a user-friendly tube making it easy and quick to use. Wadded paper still makes very effective cushioning and since it is Kraft paper it can be re-used over and over gain or simply recycled with any other form of recyclable paper waste.

EZ Green Pack is now a stock item on our green packaging store and you can also watch this video to see how it can benefit your packaging operation.

Green Wrap Ready Roll paper wrap by Geami

Green Wrap Ready Rolls are a new, free shipping, stock product on our green packaging store and are one of the most unique products we have ever offered. Not only does it do an incredible job of protecting the contents during shipping, it does it with a fraction of the bulkiness of traditional bubble packaging. In many cases, this permits the size reduction of the shipping box, reducing cost and weight.

In addition to being a very green solution, it is also very attractive compared to most other options. The die cut outer paper is available in white or natural Kraft (brown) and the inner tissue interleaf is available in a wide assortment of colors creating nineteen different color combinations. Minimums apply but we can also do custom color or even custom printed tissue interleaf if you want to promote your brand. Let us know what you want and chances are, we can do it for you.

These are Just Two of Many Green Packaging Options

Please keep in mind these are just two in a long list of packaging solutions we offer. Some of the other interior and protective packaging options we offer include stock and custom molded trays, paperboard or corrugated partitions, dividers, inflatable biodegradable air pillows, and biodegradable bubble on demand systems.

The key is with no cost or obligation, we will be glad to review your specific needs and application to make sure you are using the most effective, lowest cost and greenest possible product to satisfy your needs.

Contact us to begin a brief process that is almost guaranteed to result in long term satisfaction and savings!


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