Sword and Plough Uses End Load FOL Globe Guard® Boxes as Greener, More Efficient Packaging Option

27 Aug 2013 Sword and Plough Uses End Load FOL Globe Guard® Boxes as Greener, More Efficient Packaging Option

Custom printed end load FOL boxHave you ever wondered what happens to worn out or no longer used tents, parachutes, and other materials when our military no longer needs them? Sword and Plough is a unique company that repurposes those military fabrics and turns them into rugged, yet attractive and fashionable products such as bags, totes and rucks. Check out www.swordandplough.com to see their USA made product line and learn more about their company.

RSC style boxes versus end or side load FOL boxes

When first contacting us for their packaging, one of the things they asked for was a large, low profile RSC box for some of their larger products.

For a low profile, shallow application that style of box can be very wasteful because of the redundant corrugated used to make the oversized top and bottom RSC flaps. Low profile RSC boxes are also inherently weak because the only thing holding them together is the tape used to seal them, which is often times misapplied. In addition, an RSC box is usually opened by using a knife to slit the tape across the entire length of the box, potentially damaging the product inside the box, especially soft goods.

The option we suggested to Sword and Plough and other similar applications is either a side load or end load FOL (full overlap) box. It eliminates the redundancy of the multiple overlapping top and bottom flaps of an RSC, thereby minimizing shipping weight, the amount of corrugated needed and also resulting in a stronger box. Additional strength is gained when the small end or side flaps are overlapped, essentially creating a double wall container on the ends and corners where a relatively flat box is most vulnerable.

As an added benefit, by eliminating the major flap and the tape used to seal it, this design also opens up the largest panel on the box for branding. See how sharp the Sword and Plough logo looks on the end load box. Their brand is memorable and impossible to miss.

low profile RSC style shipping box - all flaps, little strengthThe Packaging Application Determines the Packaging Design

Some packaging suppliers are very good at giving you what you ask for, but what if what you ask for is not the best solution? It takes some time, some knowledge sharing, and a little more effort, but we are adamant about providing our customers the absolute best packaging solution for their specific needs.

What is better – paper tape or plastic tape? When is a die cut mailer a better choice compared to an RSC shipping box? When does a mailer envelope make more sense than any box at all? And yes, when is an end load or side load box better than an RSC?

The answer we provide typically depends on a number of factors including but not limited to branding requirements, volume, product weight and shape, how it is being shipped, and of course volume. We helped Sword and Plough to create packaging that is consistent with their mission and marketing, and we can help you as well.

Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us for a no cost, no obligation review of your requirements and we will gladly make a recommendation based on decades, not months or even years, of packaging experience.

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