Semi-Custom Printed Packaging Works for Pooch Party Packs

27 Mar 2015 Semi-Custom Printed Packaging Works for Pooch Party Packs

12-9-4 and 11-7-3 semi-custom printed mailersOur “semi-custom” boxes make it easy to get custom printed boxes to market, quickly and at minimal cost. Our client is able to avoid the cost and delay of having a custom cutting die made by using one of our available stock cutting dies. Some items like box design or even board thickness are pre-determined by the cutting die on hand, but the client still selects the board and ink colors for their graphic design. selects a size

Pooch Party Packs was ready to launch their new subscription box for dogs and after considering many options, they agreed our very popular 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4” box is the perfect size. The box style is a secure front lock die cut mailer with dust flaps, and our cutting die is set up for standard B-flute board.

They were in need of a good graphic artist with packaging experience and we supplied the name of one with a great recommendation. The resulting design was an eye catching outside print on Kraft with cute graphics in red. Within two weeks of us receiving final art, the customer’s finished boxes were on a truck and on their way.

Other 12-9-4 semi-custom printsOpportunity Knocks – semi custom printed packaging answers the door

Unexpectedly the nice people at Pooch Party Packs had a new opportunity and were in need of a smaller box for a special promotion. Fortunately we had available a cutting die that makes a slightly smaller 11” X 7” X 3-1/2” mailer box but is otherwise identical. Having already been through the process once with art and color approvals, we were able to quickly adjust the graphics from the larger box to fit the smaller one and had their new box ready to ship in record time.

We may not have a cutting die on hand for every application and size but the variety and selection we have helps us to satisfy 90 to 95% of the applications that come our way. Give us a call at 630-551-1700 or email Salazar Packaging for more information.

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