Paperboard Packaging for E-commerce (DTC) Applications

In addition to providing industry leading corrugated packaging, many are surprised to learn we also do an outstanding job on paperboard designs. That is unusual since most companies like us specialize in one form/type of packaging or the other. This goes back to our basic philosophy of application driven design, and our belief that sometimes, the best solution for a box is no box at all. That always sound strange coming from a company like ours that is best known for our great looking, reasonably priced e-commerce corrugated mailer boxes but it’s true.


Though paperboard is typically not known for e-commerce application, in some forms it can be the ideal direct to consumer packaging solution. Here are some examples of the paperboard products we offer and type of work we do as a standalone substrate or working in conjunction with corrugated board:

Flood coat custom printing

Paperboard (rigid) mailer envelopes

These are great for mailing documents, photos, posters or anything you want to protect and keep flat during shipment. The peel and seal adhesive strip and the easy open tear strip make it a favorite for the shipper as well as for the recipient.




Talus purple box

Paperboard cartons for retail applications

These can be designed to sit on the shelf or hang on a display rack. They can be designed with a window for product visibility with or without a film covering that window. The big gain here is the incredible offset graphics and designs that could never be run using traditional flexographic printing systems.






Paperboard POP (point of purchase) displays

Usually seasonal or promotional, and typically designed to be seen at check out for impulse sales.


Paperboard for e-commerce applications

It is not the norm but in some rare situations a paperboard carton (usually glued) can be a better option that corrugated. It depends on many factors including volume, dimensions, graphics and shipping method, to name just a few.




white, Kraft or custom printed rigid boxes

Paperboard decorative rigid boxes

This is packaging that is designed to be kept and reused, over and over by your customer, each time reminding them of you and your company. It is a two-piece box where the upper/outer box can partially or totally overlap the inside or lower box. Almost any type of graphics is possible because outer wraps and inner liners are printed and then mitered and glued to the rigid wall box.




1 puck insert

Paperboard inserts for corrugated shipping boxes

In some scenarios, mostly high-end products with sophisticated or complex inside graphics, the best insert design might be one made of paperboard. The product being shipped, how it is being shipped and the graphic design leads us to the best recommendation for your specific and unique application.

Still not sure about which substrate is best for your situation? Don’t worry, since we offer both corrugated and paperboard, we are sure to suggest the right design for you. Let one of our experienced and fully trained branded packaging advisors guide you to a great package your customers will appreciate and remember.