Posted on October 16, 2012 by Dennis Salazar

New Time and Money Saving Use of Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer

We say the Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer “makes every box a reusable box” and many customers have confirmed that claim by using the GGRBS to allow easy repeated access to the box by avoiding the use of costly tape. The GGRBS is slipped over either edge of a RSC style box and “slides” into position, usually centered on the box between the two major flaps. Please see our video for traditional use demonstration.

We want to share with you one of our customers who took the “easy to use/time saving” feature of the GGRBS and improved it to better satisfy their specific needs.

A Text Book Packaging Application for the GGRBS

While the designers, manufacturers and marketers of packaging aids will always attempt to show their customers how to best use their products, it is the people who use those aids on a daily basis, the packers and people on the manufacturing lines, who will usually develop their own efficient way to use any packaging innovation.

This is the case with the people at Hubbardton Forge who make a beautiful product line of indoor and outdoor lighting products including lamps that enable a customer to select the shade or glass of their choice. In some cases, when the basic lamp base is made and packed in a box, the people at Hubbardton are not sure who it will be sold to or how it will be “finished”. So, it is packed into its shipping box “temporarily” until its final look is determined by the ultimate customer. In manufacturing that is called WIP (work in progress or work in process) so having easy re-access to the lamp within the box is crucial. In other words, it is the perfect situation for the Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer.

 Making a Great Product and Idea EVEN Better

What the people at Hubbardton Forge figured out is that turning the GGRBS upside down, they are able to snap the device in place in between the two major flaps, and they can avoid having to slide it all the way over some of the unusually long boxes their lamps require. NOTE: This method of using the GGRBS is not recommended for the bottom of the box, especially when the box holds substantial weight. However for the top of the box as Hubbardton uses it, it is a FANTASTIC idea. Thank you and congratulations to the people at Hubbardton Forge for their creative use of the GGRBS.

 The GGRBS Saves Time, Money AND Helps Deliver a Better Product and Shipper Image

In most applications the GGRBS is designed to extend usable life for boxes but it can also reduce costs and help deliver a cleaner, more attractive product and package to your customers.

The GGRBS can hold the major flaps closed on any RSC protecting the contents of the box and keeping them clean without tape. This is important because when dealing with high quality products like a Hubbardton Forge lamp or lighting fixture, you do not have to ship a box that has been taped, cut open and over taped making it look like a returned product or worse yet, one that has been damaged or pilfered.

For excellent quality indoor and outdoor lighting products, please contact the people at Hubbardton Forge. To order a sample kit of the GGRBS to determine how you can use it to save time and money, please visit our green packaging store or contact Salazar Packaging with any questions you may have.

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