NEW – Over 45 New E-Commerce (DTC) Packaging Images!

05 Dec 2019 NEW – Over 45 New E-Commerce (DTC) Packaging Images!

Colorful unboxing expereince by Salazar PackagingWe invite you to tour our new and improved web site and see the great looking, updated selection of new e-commerce packaging photos we have just added. Twelve of those new photos are in our gallery but the rest are scattered throughout our web site. We also updated much of our content and even added two new pages:

Paperboard Packaging Solutions

This page addition is totally focused on the variety of paperboard packaging we offer. These include but are not limited to custom printed retail folding cartons and POPs. We also show our custom printed rigid Stayflats® type mailer envelopes.  We have been doing rigid wall boxes for years but have never really promoted them. Since adding them several years ago, they have become a significant part of our business and are often sold in conjunction with one of our DTC custom printed corrugated shipping boxes.

Internal and protective packaging

I would call this a well-kept secret, but the fact is that we have been doing interior packaging for years both to protect and to present the products being shipped. This segment of our packaging line up deserves its own page and we were glad to add it.  This includes partitions, die cut inserts either plain or custom printed, as well as dividers. Check out the photos of a few of our most popular designs on this new page and in our gallery.Custom printed boxes and rigid envelopes by Salazar Packaging

Other new custom printed photos

We have taken advantage of this site redesign opportunity to highlight several of our other current products:

Digital Printed e-commerce boxes  – This continues to grow as customers become more and more sophisticated in their branding and graphic designs. In addition to this SPI page, you can also visit our newest website web site.

Globe Guard® Box formers – This is one of our most unusual products and has proven to reduce box forming time by over 50%. That comes in handy when you get that late afternoon flurry of orders that must go out today.Salazar Packaging box former sets up a die cut box in seconds

Semi-custom packaging – This is another Salazar Packaging term and innovation. On custom printed boxes, it means using one of our 200 available cutting dies to save time and money (usually around $800 to $1,000).  On our unpadded paper mailer envelopes, we can post print on products that are already made. That helps you to get to market quickly rather than waiting 6 to 8 weeks or longer for offshore packaging.

Our capabilities continue to expand and grow so we can serve our customers better. Please contact us at  or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your specific application or area of interest.

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