Posted on August 27, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Globe Guard Introduces 5 New Sizes of Green Shipping Boxes

Five New Green Shipping Boxes Now in Stock

Five New Green Shipping Boxes Now in Stock!

It is often said that good things come in small packages. If that is true, we have just provided you with some great new ways to ship them in green, eco friendly, 100% PCW boxes. We discovered that our 6” cube box was still too large for some products, so we added a 4” and 5” cube. At the other end of the size spectrum we also added a 16”, 18” and 20” cube shipping boxes as well.

12 Stock Sizes of Cube Shipping Boxes

Our cube box line up now includes: 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9”, 10” 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” cube boxes, in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Why Is It Important to Use the Correct Size Box?

Using the smallest possible size shipping box offers many sustainable and economic advantages.

  • Obviously, cost. Typically the smaller the box, the lower the cost
  • The smaller box uses less tape to seal it
  • The smaller box requires less void fill product
  • In some cases it reduces shipping cost
  • A smaller box can reduce the required storage area
  • It delivers minimal packaging to your eco minded customers

Our Green Shipping Box Line Growth is Customer Driven

All of these box additions are a direct result of specific customer needs. Tell us what you need. If the usage is substantial, OR, if we can combine your lower volume usage with that of others, we are glad to add your box size(s) to our product line. If you’re not sure your box size should be part of the Globe Guard line, please ask us. You could be the customer that helps us to justify a new addition!

Green Packaging Expectations (Yours and Ours)

We started our Globe Guard® box program a year and a half ago, thinking we would probably maintain “a dozen or so” of the most popular box sizes. The new sizes we are adding today have quickly brought us to 29 sizes of 100% PCW content shipping boxes in stock!

Sure this has resulted in more space required and inventory dollars invested than we originally anticipated but we also realized that you want to buy boxes from a single source. Being able to satisfy all of your needs is very important. We also determined that when one of our customers makes the commitment to use our green boxes, their goal is to be consistent through all of their packaging materials.

Globe Guard Products Are “Eco-Obvious” and They Deliver “Eco-Consistency”

Anyone who has ever been trapped in conversation with me knows that these are two of my favorite phrases.

To the untrained eye, our boxes don’t look or perform any differently than so called “standard” boxes, so the Globe Guard trademark and brand are printed on the bottom of each and every box, making them eco-obvious. Your customers instantly know you are using the best, greenest packaging available and they are more inclined to follow your green example in their business and personal lives.

Eco-Consistency is simply that the packaging used to ship a product is as green as the product it is containing. Globe Guard products offer maximum use of recycled materials and are easily re-used or recycled after initial use. “Walking the walk” is easy when you have the right, like minded supplier.

If you haven’t visited our Globe Guard eco friendly packaging store recently, it may be be worth another look. We are growing and changing to be of even greater service to you in the future.