NEW! Globe Guard Now Offers EZ Green Pak, Packaging Paper Delivery Systems

11 Jun 2012 NEW! Globe Guard Now Offers EZ Green Pak, Packaging Paper Delivery Systems

Every once in a while we find a new product that fits perfectly into our green packaging store because it is an affordable, sustainable packaging solution that we can make available to our customers regardless of their usage or volume.

Traditionally paper void fill and cushioning is used and available two ways:

1. Manually Used Kraft paper rolls – ideal for low volume shippers but the process is slow, labor intensive and not operator friendly since twisting, wadding or “scrunching” the paper into a usable tube form is tough on the hands and wastes valuable packing time.

2. Powered Kraft Paper Delivery Systems – a machine does the forming, making the paper much easier and quicker to use, however, the paper tends to be much more expensive than option #1 above. In addition, depending on the volume of paper consumed, the equipment may require a purchase, lease or rental as well as maintenance. Many low volume packagers do not qualify for equipment placement because their business is seasonal or may fluctuate.

What is EZ Green Pak?

It is a great, new product that twists the 30# Kraft packaging paper into an easy to use tube form as it is being pulled out of the convenient, compact dispenser box. The paper is delivered to the operator, ready to use, saving time and increasing productivity while minimizing operator fatigue. EZ Green Pak is a low cost and effective alternative to either solution presented above and is readily available for box packing operations of any size.

The Many Benefits of EZ Green Pak

In the days ahead you will undoubtedly be hearing more from us about this terrific new product but here is a snap shot look at some of the most important benefits EZ Green Pak offers:

  • Completely portable – can be used anywhere and no electric power required
  • Compact – overcrowded and sometimes messy work stations can be eliminated with our vertical design
  • Can be wall or rack mounted with optional dispenser
  •  Increased productivity – packaging time can be reduced by as much as 50%
  • Easier to use – packers appreciate fewer paper cuts and less repetitive motion fatigue
  • Eco friendly – the paper and dispenser box are made of 100% renewable paper and are 100% recyclable

To place an order or for more information on our new EZ Green Pak, please visit and to see how this product is used, see the YouTube EZ Green Pak video. You can also read the PR WEB press release.

Contact us at Salazar Packaging if you have any questions or would like a no cost, no obligation review of your void fill or cushioning application.