New Design Added to the Salazar Packaging Eco-Friendly Mailer Box Line-Up: Front Lock – Drop Front

03 Apr 2014 New Design Added to the Salazar Packaging Eco-Friendly Mailer Box Line-Up: Front Lock – Drop Front

Front lock -drop front (front opens up)We make great looking custom mailer boxes in a variety of different designs since customer requirements vary greatly. The designs we use include top tuck, Indestructo top tuck, front lock and our Eco Mailer Box™ design. We also offer a great selection of feature options for each box mailer design, and these include easy open tabs and cut outs, side dust flaps, and flat bottoms for inside graphic purposes.

Mailer Box Design versus Feature Option Dilemma

The problem is that not all feature options are available on all mailer box designs. In some cases, they are impractical and others are simply impossible. For example, if you really want to print the bottom inside of the box, you cannot use an Indestructo style mailer because it creates tabs that fold into the bottom, covering up your copy.

Another exampEco Mailer box (back opens up)le is the Eco Mailer Box™ style that uses a minimal amount of board and makes it easy to access the product being shipped. However, if you prefer a front lock design feature for security reasons, the combination is incompatible. For a recent application where a customer insisted on having easy access and a front lock design, one of our designer friends came up with a whole new design option we have never made before.

The Front Lock – Drop Front die cut mailer box

It is first and foremost a front lock mailer with dust flaps providing the greatest amount of security and strength. However, the bottom front panel of the box does not tuck into the sides as it usually does, making it possible to create a front panel that is separated and drops down for easy product access.

This may not appear to be a huge difference, but it was important for our customer so it was important to us. It is a bit of a hybrid box, taking from three other box designs to create a whole new offering and it is perfect for this and any application requiring security AND easy access.

A Wide Selection of Packaging Can Do’s! Traditional top tuck with easy open notch and dust flaps

Whether the need is a low volume requirement for stock, unprinted mailer boxes or a truckload of custom printed boxes, we can do it for you. Whether it is a simple basic design you need, or something different like our new Eco Mailer Box or Front Lock – Drop Front design, we can do it for you.

We may not have thousands of stock sizes of plain, unprinted boxes but we do offer one of the best varieties of ecofriendly, custom printed and branded shipping containers to satisfy YOUR specific needs. Please contact us at Salazar Packaging for a no cost, no obligation and confidential conversation about your specific goals and objectives.

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