New 12-9-4 Die Cut Mailer Added to Globe Guard® Products Store

29 Apr 2014 New 12-9-4 Die Cut Mailer Added to Globe Guard® Products Store

NEW 12-9-4 front lock, die cut mailer
We are constantly adding new items to our green packaging store that appeal to our sustainability minded customers in need of more eco-friendly stock packaging solutions. Recently we’ve added several new mailer boxes including a front lock mailer that is 12-1/2” X 9-1/4” X 2-1/2” high. Several customers immediately liked the spacious length and width dimensions, but needed a little extra height for e-commerce and subscription box applications.

Introducing the new 12-9-4 mailer!

It is already in stock and available. It is actually 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4” high, providing the same footprint with an additional inch and a half of height, compared to its slightly shorter brother, our stock 12-9-2 box.

It is made of the same strong 32B, Globe Guard®, 100% recycled content corrugated Kraft board, making it one of the greenest shipping containers complete with the Globe Guard logo printed on the bottom. It features strong construction with a front lock design as well as dust flaps for security.

12-9-4 mailer also available custom printed (2)Also Available Custom Printed

Just like all of our stock mailers, the 12-9-4 mailer is available (custom run, 1,000 box minimum) in white board inside or outside, custom print inside, outside or both. Finish and graphic options include Kemi board and litho label designs. In other words, we can make this and any of our mailer boxes yours, with just about any design of your choice.

Additional Die Cut Mailers Sizes Are Available and Coming!

Please check the list of stock mailer boxes on our store and please keep in mind, the sizes shown there do not reflect ALL of our available cutting die sizes. In fact, only a small fraction of our cutting dies end up as stock box sizes. The others are available at no cost to you, so if in doubt, please ask. Many people have asked “do you have something a little (longer/wider/taller) and have been pleasantly surprised when the answer was yes.

12-9-2 and 12-9-4 die cut mailersIn addition, our plan is to add several new sizes this year so if you have a die cut mailer that you buy elsewhere on a regular basis and you would like a greener Kraft (brown) stock box, let us know what it is. There is a possibility we have other people with a similar need and we will be glad to add it to our stock list as well as our list of available dies.

Please contact us at Globe Guard Products if you have any questions on any of our stock products or would like to see a sample. You can also email us through Salazar Packaging for the very best products and advice on any custom printed, branded box idea you may have.

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