Internal Packaging and Inserts for E-Commerce Applications

We are best known for our total commitment to quality and our unwavering color accuracy at a surprisingly low, competitive price per unit. Accomplishing these two objectives is difficult when printing a natural paper product that varies so much in porosity and color. No two trees are identical, similarly, neither are any two boxes, especially with a high degree of recycled content.

The other not so visible reason companies choose to work with us is our ability to create internal packaging for almost any product or application. Great internal packaging should be almost invisible, if it is done correctly. Your product should be the focus, not the usually unattractive material used to protect it in shipment.

Why Internal Packaging is so Important

The consumer’s shift from retail to e-commerce has resulted in delicate products having to ship through USPS, UPS or FedEx; shipping options known for their efficiency, not necessarily their gentleness in handling. The other equally important result of e-commerce is the importance of creating that all important unboxing experience. There is no substitute for the now expected “wow factor” when the package is opened by the consumer. That type of impression is not possible when the product arrives damaged, buried in foam peanuts, loose fill or layers of eco-unfriendly foam or bubble wrap.


Presentation versus Protection

Ideally the product should be visible when the box arrives and is open. As the old adage says, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression” so we make sure the product being shipped is the first thing the consumer sees. At the same time visibility cannot sacrifice safety or protection. Is there any worse first impression than opening a box and finding your product broken or damaged in shipment? Does anyone have an idea on the actual cost of an order replacement?


Packaging for glass products is a great example

Many companies do not risk making packaging for glass products because of the amount of time it requires and the uncertain, sometimes risky results. For us whether it is an expensive bottle of bourbon, four glass bottles of gourmet hot sauce, an expensive candle or a jar of delicious Hawaiian honey, a packaging solution is possible.

This holds true for any product or any hard to contain and display product set or assortment. The applications we show on this web site are only a handful of the hundreds we have successfully created. Whatever your product, groups of products or kit, may be, chances are we have already done something similar and can save you precious time and design cost.




Contacts us at Salazar Packaging for a no cost application review. It is possible to achieve presentation AND protection and we have the experience to make it possible for you, your product and your customers.




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internal packaging
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