Green Packaging Group Welcomes Excellent Packaging & Supply

17 Dec 2010 Green Packaging Group Welcomes Excellent Packaging & Supply

Green Packaging Group

We are very pleased to be able to now include the terrific, biodegradable food service products Excellent Packaging offers on our web site. The B2B product directory we are building is far from complete but we feel like we have taken a giant step forward by adding a quality supplier in this crucial area of disposable food service packaging.

Excellent Packaging is a full member, so their president Allen King will now also be a featured author on the expert blog we provide our visitors. His first post is up and I encourage you to visit the site and learn more about Allen, his company and their products. You can also learn more about our new sustainable teammate on this press release.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Member of

True Green

The other members include companies like Nashville Wraps, Eco Bags, Distant Village, Globe Guard Products and Salazar Packaging, Inc. Each company has proven their interest and commitment to sustainability is sincere over an extended period of time. No specific length of time is required; it just needs to be long enough to prove to the green market that the interest is real and not passing. We may not all always agree on specific details, but absolutely no greenwashing is allowed.

Variety of Products

As we work to become a valuable resource to green B2B buyers, we are eager to add a variety of new products as they become available to us and the green market. A company with an individual product or product line to offer is probably better served as an advertiser (bottom of blog home page) because it will be easier for visitors to find that product there compared to what we hope will become a massive directory over time. Keep in mind the goal is to offer a large selection and options to the people in search of answers.

A Desire to Teach

Becoming a full member also requires contribution of information through the blog that we hope will also become a storehouse of valuable, cost saving “how to” information for our visitors. We really look for companies and people who have a track record of generously contributing as presenters, authors or panelists. Sharing what we know is an important part of being involved in, and for the right person it is an enjoyable and gratifying opportunity, not a chore.

If you are interested in becoming part of our community as a member or advertiser, please contact me through our site. We would be most grateful for your interest and commitment to sustainable packaging.