Globe Guard® by Salazar Packaging – The designer’s, designer eco-friendly shipping box

12 Nov 2013 Globe Guard® by Salazar Packaging – The designer’s, designer eco-friendly shipping box

Darby Smart DIY kitsI think the greatest compliment a box designer and manufacturer like us can possibly receive is when their work is selected by a company inspired and driven by leading contemporary designers to package the products they ship. That is the story of Darby Smart, a really neat company that is taking subscription marketing to a whole new level.

What is Darby Smart?

As the crafter, DIY (do it yourself) market continues to grow steadily, people are in search of projects that are “homemade” but don’t look like a fifth grader’s art project. Darby Smart offers DIY kits for items such as jewelry, home décor and gifts that are designed by professionals, are easy to make and that they can take pride in whether used or displayed in their own home or given as gifts.

What is even more exciting if you are one of those people who is gifted in the areas of design and creativity, you can also sell your designs and kits through Darby Smart. Check them out here and browse for more information on buying and selling DIY kits.

Custom one color die cut mailer with dividing insert in placeThe Story Behind the Darby Smart Box

They were very specific about the size they wanted which was 11” X 7” X 3-1/2” high and they were equally adamant about wanting an insert that would divide the box in half longitudinally, to create separation between different components that could possibly do each other harm.

We always appreciate the opportunity to work with people who understand that the structural design is where it all begins. We were able to help them create a custom box that includes side flaps and a front lock to make sure small parts do not fall out or get pilfered, and is constructed of 32 ECT, B-flute board for added strength.

After confirming the box design and dimensions, a board with a white exterior was selected to provide maximum visual impact against their graphic design and selected reverse print color. The white board added a little cost but the design could be accomplished with only one ink color, reducing box cost as well as plate costs.

If you are looking for something different this holiday season, please consider Darby Smart as a great place to find unique gift ideas. If you are in need of a shipping container that stands out in a crowd, contact Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a free, no cost, and no obligation review of your designer shipper box needs.

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