E-Commerce and Subscription Box Packaging

We have helped hundreds of brand owners achieve great results for their shipping containers and internal packaging needs.

Well informed customers are delighted customers


Our approach is very simple – give the customer the information they need to be able to make a good, informed decision. Our customer base is very diverse, ranging from experienced packaging buyers who have been buying packaging almost as long as we have been providing it, to others creating their first branded, custom printed packaging container. However, the goal is the same for ALL of our customers and that is to guide them through a process and positive experience with no surprises and few regrets.


Rarely does a week go by that we do not receive an email or phone call thanking us for our willingness to share volumes of knowledge on this web site or in the many blog posts we have created for our Inside Sustainable Packaging, Digital Printing or Green Packaging Group blogs. A quick web search is also likely to lead to one of our many articles in trade magazines and web sites such as Environmental Leader, Green Biz, Packaging Design, and Packaging Digest or ecommerce specific sites such as CrateJoy or Shipstation.


“We have a blog post for that” is a common response when you contact us because the vast majority of our customers are eager to learn before making an important and perhaps crucial decision in their company’s growth. Are you curious about ink color or finish options? Are you torn between utilizing white or brown board for your new box? What is the difference between an estimate and a quotation? Are you in need of a graphic designer with real packaging experience? Have you visited our new and improved photo gallery for some inspiration and great ideas? Also, please see our “Custom Printed and Branded Packaging” page on this site.


We are confident, the more you know, the more you will appreciate what Salazar Packaging, Inc. can do for you.

Packaging That Communicates™” is more than a tag line, it is how we look at every package being shipped. What does your package say about you and your company? Does it communicate that you are environmentally conscious, bold, trendy, classy, or playful?


There may be other companies capable of creating a unique and attractive branded shipping container for your e-commerce or subscription box application but none offer the level of broad packaging experience, a focus on sustainable solutions, or have spent years educating the market, as we have.

Packaging Experience


Sure we have helped customers launch hundreds of beautiful, custom printed corrugated mailers and shipping boxes but our experience goes well beyond boxes. It may be surprising but in many cases the product people inquire about is not the product they end up with. For example, some callers interested in boxes are pleased to discover that rigid mailers, paperboard cartons, rigid wall cartons or unpadded paper mailer envelopes are a better and lower cost or greener solution for their specific needs.


Is direct flexographic printing the best option for you and your graphic design? What about digital printing? Is that a better alternative? Or perhaps a combination of the two of these very different print options? Is your design and container best printed using a litho label process? In our application and design center, experience is measured in decades, not months or years and the goal is to help you with the correct product and process, not a salesperson’s commission. If we do not have the correct or best solution for you, not only will we tell you, we will try to refer you to someone who is able to help you.


In addition to a wide variety of packaging products, we are also capable of delivering a complete design that might include important internal display or protective packaging components. We help create “presentation” boxes that proudly display the product being shipped, enhancing the customer experience. Custom printed and low cost die cut corrugated inserts, partitions, and dividers are available, in many cases without expensive tooling costs. In cases where appearance and cushioning are critical, the best internal and protective packaging solution might be one of the many foam die cut and molded foam products we offer. For large volume applications we also help create molded plastic insert trays to separate, immobilize or display the products to deliver that all too elusive WOW factor. Visit our Internal Packaging and Inserts For E-Commerce Applications Page.


All this packaging experience is available from ONE company – Salazar Packaging, Inc.

subscription box packaging
subscription box packaging
subscription box packaging

Sustainable Packaging and eCommerce Solutions


Since our company was founded in 2007, we have led the market in eco-friendly packaging solutions. We have also helped to make green affordable for hundreds of environmentally conscious companies. Sustainability is neither as complex as some make it to be nor as easy as others would like it to be. However, all it really takes is the right supplier with authentic green products and just as importantly, the knowledge of how to use them sparingly and effectively.


How important is green to you and your customers? We know every application is different and we take the time to help create the best overall solution for any specific need. There are no “one size fits all” solutions and not all of our products are 100% PCW, but many can be and you will always know what you are getting from us. No “green washing” or misleading jargon, just the green facts. We always ask the question we have been asking since 2007 – assuming all of your other requirements are met, if you can use a greener product at the same or lower cost, why wouldn’t you?


We help answer that question daily at Salazar Packaging, Inc.