All Tuned In To Sustainable Packaging

07 Sep 2011 All Tuned In To Sustainable Packaging

Evertune custom printed mailer boxEvertune is a company that has received a lot of well-deserved applause for creating an innovation that is changing the world of music. The company’s lead product, the award-winning Evertune guitar bridge, is able to keep a guitar in perfect tune forever.

What also makes Evertune unique is company CEO Mark Chayet’s commitment to sustainable packaging that is quality, low cost and effective. Though to some those three requirements may seem almost contradictory, Mark was determined, and his search eventually led him to Globe Guard® products and Salazar Packaging.

The Need for a Protective, Versatile Packaging Solution

The Evertune bridge is a quality, professional piece of hardware, and wrapping it in bubble wrap was not going to be acceptable. In fact, covering and cushioning the Evertune in any packaging material would likely prove laborious, would probably not prove effective from a protection standpoint, and quite frankly did not deliver the high-quality image the company desired.

In addition, the Evertune bride is sold directly through their web site, as well as through dealers, so they wanted to avoid having to create and stock two different package designs. However, a stock design was unlikely to fit the uniquely shaped product correctly, and a custom solution was probably going to be price prohibitive.

Evertune die cut mailer boxThe Globe Guard® Solution

Mark soon realized that thanks to a low-cost new tooling capability we offer, he would be able to afford a custom-molded, 100% PCW recycled content pulp tray that his product and accessories could fit in snuggly without time-consuming or environmentally unfriendly cushioning materials. A tray was designed quickly and at minimal cost. It was also sized to fit into a stock Globe Guard® 100% recycled content die cut mailer box so the high cost of additional cutting dies could be avoided.

To satisfy the branding requirement as well as the multi-purpose need, the stock box was custom printed with the company’s logo in their PMS specific blue. The package looks first class whether it is on a dealer’s retail shelf or being used as a shipping container for an Internet customer.

The end result is packaging that is effective, very affordable and most definitely green. For the best guitar bridge that never requires tuning, contact For the best green packaging that is certain to satisfy your needs, please contact Salazar Packaging.