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21 Dec 2010 Sustainable Packaging Question – Why are my brown boxes wrapped in green, plastic film?

Bundles of Globe Guard boxes wrapped in bio filmEvery bundle or pallet load of Globe Guard boxes we ship out is wrapped in our Globe Guard stretch film. Occasionally, we receive an email or call asking us how we can possibly wrap and ship a product as green as our Globe Guard 100% PCW, recycled content boxes in an un-green material like plastic. For the benefit of those who wonder but don’t ask us, here are a few reasons why we do what we do. Globe Guard Stretch Film is Oxo-Biodegradable In other words, it is not a typical or average plastic product. We usually attach a note to each bundle or pallet load reminding customers that the film is above all else recyclable. That is not always the case with bio plastics, but our formulation does not prevent the film from being recycled after use. If it does unfortunately end up in a land fill, the film is formulated to breakdown in a fraction of the time other, standard plastics will degrade.
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17 Dec 2010 Green Packaging Group Welcomes Excellent Packaging & Supply

Green Packaging Group We are very pleased to be able to now include the terrific, biodegradable food service products Excellent Packaging offers on our web site. The B2B product directory we are building is far from complete but we feel like we have taken a giant step forward by adding a quality supplier in this crucial area of disposable food service packaging. Excellent Packaging is a full member, so their president Allen King will now also be a featured author on the expert blog we provide our visitors. His first post is up and I encourage you to visit the site and learn more about Allen, his company and their products. You can also learn more about our new sustainable teammate on this press release.
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16 Nov 2010 Green Packaging Solutions for Fast Rising Plastics Prices

A few months ago, we warned you that the corrugated industry was attempting to push through their third price increase of this calendar year. The market softened, and enough customers complained that the third increase planned for 2010 was “postponed indefinitely.” Now we have a similar situation developing on most plastic packaging products. The “Plastics Are Made From Foreign Oil” Myth According to industry experts, more than 70% of plastic packaging products are made of resin that is made from domestic, natural gas, and NOT from foreign oil as many believe. Having said that, a little surge in winter resin pricing is considered normal, but this has been a steady, year-long climb. What is happening here is not related to the seasonal fluctuations of the same natural gas product used for heating many of our businesses and homes during the winter. To the contrary, in 2010 we have seen several increases on almost every plastic packaging product with no price downturn at all. The several increases we have seen this year appear to be related to “high feedstock prices, strong resin exports and unplanned outages.”  Translated into simple English, much like the paper and other industries, there is too little raw/base material manufacturing competition, creating an environment where price can be controlled by a handful of very large corporations. There is nothing illegal or perhaps even unethical about that; it is basic business 101 – control the supply and you control the price.
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09 Nov 2010 Green Solutions for Interior, Protective and Retention Packaging

Bi-fold die cut insertNo matter what you call it, it is the packaging that is inside the box being shipped. Its usual purpose is to immobilize and/or separate the product(s) being packed to prevent shipping damage. Today, we all have a wide variety of eco friendly material options including molded pulp, biodegradable air inflatable plastic products, a fast growing selection of renewable bio foams, paperboard and corrugated partitions, as well as die cut corrugated solutions. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be spotlighting some of the newest and most innovative ideas available to the green minded shipper. The Application Still Determines the Best Solution As you have probably heard me say before, in almost any possible area of packaging, it all begins with a good application review and analysis. Beware of any supplier that has only one solution to offer because they are obviously forced to make their one and only solution work, whether or not it is truly the best for your needs. An application review is typically fairly basic and usually begins with these five important questions: 1.    What is being shipped? Are we talking about one heavy retail display unit per box or a dozen glass bottles of an expensive health supplement? 2.    How is it being shipped? A case shipping individually via UPS, FedEx or USPS, or cases stacked on a wooden pallet shipping to major retailer’s DC? 3.     How many are being shipped? Is this a onetime need to pack 300 units for a promotion or are a million packages being shipped over the course of the next few months? 4.    Where and how is the product currently being damaged in shipment? Usually we are called in to fix a design that has already being proven deficient. 5.    How important is the green factor to you and your customers? Will they accept a plastic or foam solution, or do we have to work with paper based products?
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04 Nov 2010 Sustainable Packaging One Stop Shop

Air LiftsMost of our customers are familiar with our web store, Globe Guard, where they can buy a variety of green packaging products to satisfy their packaging and shipping needs. What many don’t realize is how good we are on custom packaging, how many different packaging types we offer and/or our design capabilities. A “Cool” Product and a Perfect Example Air Lifts is a new product created by our good customer and friend, Kingdom LED, Inc. Their simple but incredibly effective invention makes it possible for electronic devices to be raised, permitting better air circulation under the item, keeping the electronics from overheating and thereby improving efficiency and extending the life of the components.
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21 Sep 2010 Congressional Honor for Salazar Packaging and Our Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Congressional Hispanic CaucusWe are proud to announce Salazar Packaging was honored at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's (CHCI) Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C. last week. Our work in the sustainable packaging field including our Globe Guard product line, our patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Box and the industry first green packaging Web store were recognized by 22 members of Congress and six Cabinet secretaries at the closing plenary session titled "Green Economy, Leading the Way" during the Latino Innovation awards ceremony. About the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
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23 Jun 2009 Announcing – New Green Blog on Packaging Digest

I am very happy to announce I am now blogging for Packaging Digest, one of the media leaders covering the packaging industry. Writing for them is a terrific opportunity to reach a different, substantially larger audience and I invite and encourage you to check out their excellent online and print publications.

The Increasingly Crowded Green Blogosphere

The world of eco focused internet blogging has become very crowded as more people and companies are writing about packaging OR about sustainability. Green is an increasingly popular topic because readers are eager to better understand sustainability. Packaging will always be a green focal point for consumers so the growth in interest is to be expected. packaging-digest-logoIn our work as well as in our writing, we strive to be a place where people with an interest in sustainability AND in packaging can learn more about the people and products impacting both. That is our overall objective on Inside Sustainable Packaging and will be our goal for Common Sense and Sustainability, our new featured blog on Packaging Digest.
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25 Sep 2008 Am I Re-Trainable for Sustainable?, Revisited


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This month represents an anniversary of sorts for me because it was one year ago when I submitted my first, above titled article to Rider Thompson of Sustainable Is Good and he chose to publish it. The article was a tongue in cheek recap of my career in packaging and how it relates to sustainability. Much to my surprise, it was picked up and run by numerous other internet outlets including Reuters and GreenBiz. It seemed like a good time to share with you some observations and what we have learned about sustainability during the last year.
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