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09 Sep 2010 The New eBay Reusable Box – Not Perfect but a Timely Idea

eBay's new Re-useable Box The new box that eBay has created for their customers to reuse is an excellent concept and it could not come at a better time. People are more focused than ever before on all of the “three R’s” of sustainability,” but especially the one I often refer to as “the other R” or “the forgotten R,” which is “reuse.” Don’t be surprised however if it is not necessarily accepted and heralded in the packaging community as it already has been in green circles. Even though I agree it is a great idea whose time has come, it also is a perfect example of how difficult it is to create a truly green package. What’s Wrong with the eBay Reusable Box?
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08 Apr 2010 Reverse Logistics and the Globe Guard Reusable Box

Whether your company calls it closed loop recycling or reverse logistics, the fact is that some way, somehow, the task is to get a valuable resource back to where it can be reused. It is green, and it saves money.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box is a Tool to Make that Easier

Parts, components and a wide of variety of products are sent out into the world and in many cases are there for exchange, replacement or on loan. Think about cell phones, lap tops, electronic components, replacement parts and other items that are swapped out or returned for credit, etc. The Globe Guard Reusable Box is constructed and designed to make the return trip at minimal material and labor cost. It also has the ability to eliminate the need for special marking and labeling because when the box is inverted inside-out, it can easily be pre-printed with any and all critical information, on both sides of the box. It’s great when the GGRB can be used to return a valuable resource back to where it is needed.
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