Posted on October 20, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

What Is Better than Recycling Packaging?

Chairman of the (Corrugated) Board

Chairman of the (Corrugated) Board

Most green minded people agree the only thing better than recycling used packaging is finding another or different use for it. Ideally this is using the packaging to create something of greater value and more permanent use.

We are all familiar with terrific “up cycling” success stories such as turning post consumer packaging waste into fashionable bags or transforming used glass beverage bottles into very durable and pricey counter tops.

A New Low in Up Cycling?

I rarely go on YouTube because I have a tendency of getting lost in the amazing variety of videos to be found there, ranging from the instructional and inspirational to the outright ridiculous. A friend sent this link to me with the usual and customary “you need to see this”. Unable to resist the temptation, I checked it out and was fascinated by what I saw.

A young man known on YouTube as “brusspup” created a sturdy chair using nothing but previously used corrugated board to construct it. It is obvious he knows something about design and maybe a little about corrugated as well because his chair uses no adhesive and it is assembled in a way that utilizes the strongest dimensions of the board for greater weight support than most would expect.

Furniture with a Past and a Future

What was once a cardboard box is now a conversational accent piece of furniture. No, it is not likely to become the latest trend in home décor and quite frankly it does not look especially comfortable but you have to appreciate the creativity of its maker.

From a sustainability standpoint, it is also good to know that it can be recycled when the novelty has worn off or if a guest with a bad sense of humor decides to run your new furniture though a paper shredder.

Regardless of how the corrugated chair meets its demise, we of course hope in its next life, it comes back as a Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping box.


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