Posted on September 24, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Selling Boxes versus Selling Packaging

A good customer friend recently recommended us to a customer of his and referred to us as “a great supplier of eco friendly boxes”. Certainly that description is accurate in that we are probably best known for our unique, Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping boxes. However, there is a distinct and real difference between selling eco friendly boxes and selling eco friendly packaging.

Green Shipping Boxes and a Whole Lot More

When a potential customer calls us or visits our Globe Guard Products web store, they usually have a very good idea of what they want and if they find it there, they are able to point, click and the product they need will soon be in their hands. We are indeed a good supplier of green boxes but we also offer a large variety of other eco friendly products on that same site. This includes a large selection of box alternatives and quite frankly, you are not going to get that from your average box maker or seller.

When a box is truly required to ship a product, we also understand the average customer also needs tape to seal the box, void fill to protect the contents and even labels to be able to address the box. Just in the area of void fill alone, we offer one of the widest varieties of loose, molded, paper and eco friendly plastic solutions. Each is in stock and we will gladly and enthusiastically explain the pros and cons of each product for your specific application.

Globe Guard product photo courtesy of Jeffery Levin

Globe Guard product photo courtesy of Jeffery Levin

Stock versus Custom Corrugated

Many of our Globe Guard Products web store customers do not even realize over 50% of our boxes are custom size, custom grade or custom printed. Frankly, that is why we spend so much time reminding them. We hate to see customers using more packaging and bigger boxes than absolutely necessary and what they see on our store is a small fraction of the boxes and styles we have provided our customers.

One of the fastest growing areas for us is custom printed boxes. We currently have a sale on this product and a recent blog post provides details of that promotion. Customers are into branding and we agree that is usually a great investment so we encourage it and make it affordable but not only with printed boxes, also with printed paper tape. We can pretty much custom print any product we offer including our mailer boxes and mailer (paper and plastic) envelopes.

Every application has a solution and we have the experience to help guide you to the best, least expensive one for you. That leads us to the third benefit we offer our customers:

Application, not Product Focused Packaging Experience

If you ask for design help or product information, the three application people you are likely to get on the phone have a combined experience of almost fifty years. (Forty-eight and a half to be exact!).

After reviewing your needs we may wind up steering you back to our web store if a stock product best serves your needs. If not we will work with you through the sampling, testing and quoting process to determine if a custom product is practical and will best satisfy the requirements.

Something we do not promote nearly enough is our corrugated reduction or elimination capabilities through re-design and/or automation. We can take a full carton application and turn it into a tray and film package, a pad and film package or even an all film design using one of our new eco friendly film formulations. That too, is not a capability or service provided by your average box supplier.

We are broad based, unique and different and that is what makes us hard to describe or define. However, that is also what makes us so valuable to our customers. We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you what we are capable of doing for you.