Posted on September 8, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Eco Ed Has a New Home

Eco Ed #1 – April, 2008

Eco Ed #1 – April, 2008

We are very glad to announce that as on this month, our cartoon series “Eco Ed” will be appearing in Packaging Digest’s digital and print versions.

Is Sustainability Funny?

Over a year ago, Eco Ed co-creator Brad Shorr and I agreed there was way too much humor in the green world to let it go to waste. We talked about how often we both felt confused by the volume of often conflicting information that is out there regarding sustainability.

That led to the creation of our character, Eco Ed, a regular guy who is sincerely interested in doing the right thing, but is rarely sure what that might be. Or perhaps at other times, Ed grabs a good, green idea and takes it way too far to be practical. In any case, we can probably all relate to Ed to some degree or we may even know someone that is much like Ed.

Packaging Digest and Eco Ed

The good people at PD agreed sustainability could often use a laugh or at least a chuckle so Eco Ed will be appearing monthly. On the print magazine version, look for it on the page opposite the inside back cover and on the website as well.

We hope you will enjoy it!