Posted on December 18, 2008 by Dennis Salazar

Why We’re Not Crazy Telling You Not to Buy the Corrugated Boxes We’re Trying to Sell You

CurlyAs a marketing specialist, I myself find it strange that at the same time we’re promoting Globe Guard 100% PCW content corrugated boxes, we’re writing post upon post telling people how to use less corrugated or no corrugated at all.

Well, we definitely want to sell Globe Guard boxes. Being made from 100% post-consumer waste, they are the ultimate in sustainability from a materials standpoint. But at the same time, our experience in packaging tells us this –

The biggest cost saving AND the best environmental consequences come from using less corrugated material in your operation.

That’s why we openly encourage corrugated users to use less corrugated, and offer suggestions about how to do it.

But the real mystery is this. Why do so many customers fixate on the purchase price of their boxes, when changing their box requirements will produce far greater savings? A couple reasons come to mind.

  1. Over the years, large companies have downsized or eliminated their engineering departments. They don’t have the internal resources they used to, so packaging, especially secondary packaging, falls to the bottom of the priority list.
  2. Shopping price is easy. Changing parts of an operation is work. It’s true. Getting a 1% or 2% price concession from a corrugated supplier is quick, definite, measurable, gratifying, and can be accomplished by one person. On the other hand, changing something as simple as a box takes time, involves more complex total cost analysis, and usually involves several people and/or departments within the organization. Ugh!

Take it from us, the payoff is worth the effort! As a matter of fact, transitioning to a new box design need not be all that difficult, especially if you are working with a packaging supplier (like Salazar Packaging) that has decades of design and application experience. Give us a shout — maybe we can help.