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09 Feb 2010 Helping Green Packaging Customers Find Green Packaging Solutions

[caption id="attachment_1187" align="alignnone" width="300"]Screen shot of Recycled Packaging website, with stairs leading up to a doorway. New Recycled Packaging Website![/caption] The world of the internet is a complicated one and it is relatively easy to wind up lost among the incredible amount of information that is now available to anyone with a PC, laptop or cell phone. Of course the objective is to be found by people looking for what you do and offer, but you also have to help them quickly or it is off to the next name resulting from their Google or other search.

A Sustainable Packaging “Fork in the Road”

We have launched a new web site,, and its purpose is really quite simple. It serves only to help visitors determine which of our business web sites ( or is mostly likely to offer the solutions to their packaging challenges. Potential customers can easily determine if stock eco friendly packaging products are what they need or if their application demands a custom solution. We certainly appreciate and welcome all new visitors to both of our sites but for new potential customers in a hurry, we think this option will enable them to more quickly find what they are looking for.

Stock versus Custom Eco Friendly Packaging

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14 Jan 2010 Green, Cost Saving Packaging by Combining Stock and Custom Products

We are always looking for ways to help our customers reduce or minimize cost and recently we had two situations where we literally had to think inside as well as outside the box in order to get the job done.

New Products and Unique Packaging

Sometimes the challenge is how to economically create custom packaging for a new and unique product and not break the bank doing it. In other words, protecting a product during shipment and making it affordable, even when the volume is relatively small. One way to do it is to combine stock and custom products rather than working with all custom items and eliminating some or the entire cost of dies and tooling. Here are two recent examples: orrugated partitions with eco friendly shipping box

Custom partitions and pads with stock RSC shipping boxes

Pente5 is a fast growing manufacturer of organic extracts which are all packed in glass bottles. They needed to create a four pack shipper case as well as a six pack shipper case for a new product launch. We had no choice but to create custom pads and partitions for them but we intentionally designed them to fit two of our stock boxes. The finished product turned out great and we were able to avoid a higher cost custom box. This also minimized the amount of inventory they would have to buy and stock for their new product.
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21 Dec 2009 Packaging Glass Economically

[caption id="attachment_1089" align="alignnone" width="375"] We Offer a Host of Options for Green Packaging of Glass Products[/caption] Even before the yearend packaging industry numbers are in, I feel fairly confident predicting the glass segment had a great year in 2009. Glass has a quality, clean and green...

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10 Dec 2009 4 Reasons Why We Refuse to Sell Foam Packing Peanuts

[caption id="attachment_1063" align="alignnone" width="350"]Loosefill Wastes Resources Loosefill Wastes Resources[/caption] For the sake of full disclosure, we actually have two customers who order packing peanuts from us, along with their packaging and other supplies. They understand it is not a stock item for us, but they like being able to “one stop shop” for all of their packaging supplies so we provide them as a service to these valued customers. However, I will also admit that we continuously try to convince both accounts to at least review some of our new, and we think better, void fill options. What do I have against these little, not so environmentally innocent peanuts? 1. Foam packing peanuts are incredibly expensive to store and ship Even the “green” varieties take up a lot of space in your warehouse, and on the truck that brought them to your facility. The above photo shows the relationship between one of our many options, inflatable air bags, and foam peanuts. You can imagine the fuel it takes to ship them and easily see there is nothing green about shipping green peanuts. 2. Foam packing peanuts are extremely messy
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23 Nov 2009 Sustainable Packaging, and Fishing Poles, Umbrellas and Yard Sticks

[caption id="attachment_1022" align="alignnone" width="300"]Extra Tall Shipping Boxes Now Available Extra Tall and Extra Long Shipping Boxes Now Available[/caption] What does one have to do the others, you might ask when a blog post title more resembles that of a yet another Harry Potter movie. The items are a small sampling of products that will fit into our new extra long stock shipping boxes. We have just added a 4” X 4” X 36” and a 4” X 4” X 48" to our assortment, allowing us to provide a sustainable packaging option to customers selling and shipping long, thin items.

Now Offering Extra Long and Extra Tall Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Unusually long products deserve unusually long green shipping boxes These are not your average 30 to 40% recycled content boxes - these are our standard (for us) 100% PCW boxes. Globe Guard boxes remain one the greenest boxes available and ideal for so many applications ranging from golf putters to curtain rods. Often times, these extra long products are particularly challenging because not everyone stocks these sizes and lengths so we are very glad to be able to now carry them for you. Our Stock Box List Is Growing Green
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19 Nov 2009 Eliminate Steel or Plastic Strapping by Roping Stretch Film

From a sustainable packaging standpoint, securing boxes to a pallet for shipment is a choice of lesser evils. Among the leading options - steel strapping, polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, and stretch wrap - stretch wrap is probably best, since it normally requires the least amount of mass per application. How to Make Stretch Wrap Film Work with Heavy Palletized Loads When corrugated boxes are heavy and/or dense - for instance, when shipping nuts and bolts - stretch wrap does not exert enough holding force on the palletized load to keep the load securely in place. For these applications, shippers will either replace stretch film with strapping, or use stretch wrap in conjunction with strapping.
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