Doggett Advertising –When Labeling is the Right Choice for Branding

05 Jul 2012 Doggett Advertising –When Labeling is the Right Choice for Branding

I realize we spend an enormous amount of time promoting custom printing of corrugated shipping boxes but there are occasions when utilizing custom printed labels is the best choice. Here are a few situations when that may be the case:

When the volume for costly print plates and custom printed boxes does not yet exist

There are exceptions, but for most corrugated boxes, a minimum applies that varies from a few hundred for large RSC-style boxes to 1,000 for most die-cut mailer boxes. For new companies or new products, these minimums can be impractical, but labels can be printed and applied for a handful of boxes shipping out the door.

When the printing or message changes

If you want or need the flexibility to promote a variable or seasonal message, labels provide flexibility for change almost instantly. With greatly improved in-house printing capabilities available in most office environments, the alternatives for short run, customer or product specific printing are almost unlimited.

When color or image quality requirements cannot be achieved on corrugated board

Printing on corrugated is not the same as printing on fine paper. Colors can become muted or small graphic details can be lost because of the more porous surface on corrugated board than typical label stock paper.

Doggett Advertising Gets the Job Done

As an expert in branding and marketing, Doggett Advertising understands the value of capturing attention and communicating brand. When a client wanted a green shipping container for their unique tee shirts, they chose our popular, stock 8-5/8” X 11-1/8” X 1” Globe Guard® die cut mailer box.

However, to achieve the bright color and look they wanted, they decided to utilize a custom printed label that covers the entire front of the shipper and virtually jumps out of the mail box and into the customer’s hands. The result is an eye-catching look that quite frankly, we could have never accomplished by directly printing the same image and colors on corrugated board.

Every situation and application is a little different so we encourage you to contact us for a no cost, no obligation review. Whether custom printed boxes, custom printed labels or even custom printed tape is the best solution, we will give you a straight forward answer you can trust.

To see the sizes we have available in our Globe guard 100% recycled content labels, please visit our green packaging store. What you see there is only a small sampling of our most popular sizes. If you don’t see what you need or want, please let us know.