We Sell Boxes!

29 Oct 2010 We Sell Boxes!

We Sell Boxes DisplayIt is a common sign we see almost everywhere, just like this one almost directly across the street from our office. They are usually in windows or in front of storage facilities, quick copy centers, pack and ship operations, office supply retailers, moving truck rental operations and even home improvement centers.

A Google search of “boxes” produces more than ninety million results ranging from people selling boxes from their home to national companies selling millions of dollars of boxes, each and every day. Everyone has the ability to sell boxes because quite frankly it does not take a lot of expertise or knowledge if you use the “Here is the box and here is our price” approach.

Selling Boxes versus Selling Packaging

We reached a milestone this year. My wife and partner and I now have a combined fifty years of packaging experience. That experience is not limited just to corrugated shipping boxes; it also includes complimentary and ancillary packaging products such as case sealing tapes, protective packaging, void fill and unitizing, as well as alternatives to traditional corrugated shipping containers. We also know how to combine different products for optimum results and the lowest possible cost.

Globe Guard productsGreen Packaging Products versus Traditional Packaging Products

I believe we can safely say we offer some of the greenest and widest variety of packaging products currently available. While others tout their “recyclable” boxes (BTW, all uncoated corrugated boxes are recyclable), we have helped lead the charge to maximum, 100% recycled post consumer waste (PCW) content.

We’ve not only focused on what our products are made of, but also where they will eventually wind up and when they will become waste. Few companies have spent the time and resources we have to help develop reusable packaging products including plastic boxes, specially engineered boxes, eco friendly coated boxes and of course our patent pending Globe Guard® Reusable Box. We were also one of the first companies to promote both oxo-degradable pallet stretch wrap film and bubble packaging on rolls.

Custom Packaging versus Stock Products

You may have heard that more than half of the products we sell are custom grade, custom size or custom print. At a time when everyone is attempting to stand out in an ever increasingly competitive market, we make branding with printed products easy and not nearly as expensive as most people think.

We have taken the fear and much of the cost out of custom packaging by providing experience and some of the best manufacturers the industry has to offer. Other companies shy away from anything custom, but we welcome it because we have the ability to do it, and do it incredibly well.

I guess what I am saying is that if all you want is a box and a price, there may be millions of places you can go. However, if you are looking for the greenest products available, at a competitive price and some level of experience combined with a little creativity, we hope you will call or contact us.