Three Money Saving Green Packaging Ideas

30 Aug 2012 Three Money Saving Green Packaging Ideas

One of the things we do best is to help customers look beyond purchase price to cost of use. How a packaging product is used and why it is used can be every bit as important as the purchase price when determining, managing or comparing the true overall cost of any packaging material.

Here are a few of our green packaging products that have quickly become customer favorites because they have proven their ability to substantially reduce costs, quickly, and with minimal investment.

Custom printed and custom size RSC shipping boxes and die cut mailer boxes

“I wish I could afford custom printed boxes,” is often the response we get when we first suggest custom printing rather than plain, unprinted boxes. The fact is that most mid to high volume, plain “stock” box buyers are very pleasantly surprised when they realize the difference in price is just pennies.

Often times, they have a perception or perhaps have been misled into believing that the difference is huge – 40 to 50% or more. The truth is that in many cases by increasing purchase quantities, the change can be revenue neutral.

So where is the savings? Quite often printing on the box can prove dramatically less expensive than preprinted labels. It is not unusual to see customers applying four to six different labels on every box being shipped. Labels are not inexpensive and neither is the cost of applying them. An easy, brief cost analysis can help you determine the potential savings.

“Right sizing” remains one of easiest ways to reduce packaging and shipping costs. Many customers use a particular size box because it is the “closest size to what I need” and of course that usually means using a larger box than is really required. The fact is that if a customer buys as few as 500 boxes at one time, custom size boxes may not be much more expensive than the oversized stock boxes they are used to buying. BTW, when making custom size boxes, it is a great time to “add ink” and have them custom printed as well. The additional cost is minimal.

Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer 

One of the things we most enjoy is repeat orders on this unique Globe Guard product because each re-order is confirmation that the GGRBS is saving our customers money.

We tell them how the GGRBS will extend the life of their RSC corrugated boxes and reduce their overall box usage. We also make them aware of the tape as well as labor savings they will experience when they use the GGRBS rather than tape for temporary closure, especially in WIP (work in progress) situations. They also appreciate the fact that open product on the shelves remains cleaner and the stocking area looks neater and better organized.

If you think you may have an application for this very versatile product, I encourage you to order the 20 piece starter kit. It will likely prove to be the best thirty-five dollar investment you ever made.

GreenWrap Ready Rolls by Geami

This is one of the most recent products we’ve added to our green packaging store but customers are already beginning to experience the benefit of shipping cost savings , as well as reductions of their shipping box sizes and other ancillary packaging materials.

This unique packaging product provides in most applications cushioning and protection equal to or better than bubble packaging and consumes a lot less space enabling users to ship the same number of products in a smaller box ship or more products in the same size box.

In addition to saving space, most customers agree GreenWrap Ready Rolls are easier to use than many other void fill or cushioning options helping to reduce labor cost and improving productivity. When you add the 19 different color combinations, you have an attractive, effective, economical green packaging solution.

These are just a few of the new products we have to offer and we welcome the challenge of your packaging application. We rarely encounter a situation where we are not able to deliver some level of savings to people who contact us for a free application review.

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