The Best Inside and Outside a Shipping Box

15 Apr 2014 The Best Inside and Outside a Shipping Box

Retail ready shipping boxThere are companies that are amazingly good at internal packaging and can protect just about anything, shipping anywhere. There are other companies that seem to know everything they should know about branding corrugated containers whether the need is for a custom or standard RSC style shipping box or for an impressive, unique presentation box designed from a basic die cut mailer design. Few people can do both, especially with a sharp eye on the sustainability aspect of the packaging they help create.

At Salazar Packaging we do both extremely well by combining decades of experience, design expertise and the best and greenest materials available to satisfy just about any application and requirement. It is when we meet a client with what could be a complex combination of needs that we are at our best. Our unofficial motto is: If it was easy, anyone could do it.

It was during one of these tough application encounters that we had the opportunity to get to know the neat people at Orphan Espresso. They were about to launch their new Lido 2 Manual Coffee Grinder and were in need of multipurpose packaging since the plan was to wholesale the new product and to also make it available on their e-commerce store. So ideally the packaging would have to be:

  1. Attractive enough to look good on a retail shelf
  2. Sturdy enough to ship individually
  3. As ecofriendly and sustainable as possible

That could be a tough order since the grinder features glass and metal components. We soon concluded we could create a molded pulp clamshell that would provide the required protection and satisfy the green requirements for their internal packaging.

shown with lower half of molded pulp clamshellThe custom printed shipping box

Working this project from the inside out, once the internal package design was complete, we quickly recommended an end load box because compared to a standard RSC, it actually consumes less corrugated board resulting in a lower cost, and the full overlap end flaps create a double wall, making it a much stronger shipping container. FYI, this design also leaves the two largest panels on the box wide open for printing without a seam.

Speaking of printing, they were concerned they might have to go with a more expensive printing process like a litho label to properly show the glass features of their product. We showed them the box we recently printed for Uncommon Goods (photo below) and they were thrilled to be able to create a great looking (retail ready) box using only ONE color, again minimizing printing and plate cost.

One color print with screens

The End Result

A package design that is Eco friendly, protects the valuable product during shipment and attractive enough for retail use and sturdy enough to ship individually. In other words, everything on the customer’s shopping list.

For a really great manual coffee grinder, check out our friends at Orphan Espresso. For some really solid packaging guidance you can trust and afford, contact us at Salazar Packaging to discuss your specific requirements.

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