Sustainable Packaging Question – Why are my brown boxes wrapped in green, plastic film?

21 Dec 2010 Sustainable Packaging Question – Why are my brown boxes wrapped in green, plastic film?

Bundles of Globe Guard boxes wrapped in bio filmEvery bundle or pallet load of Globe Guard boxes we ship out is wrapped in our Globe Guard stretch film. Occasionally, we receive an email or call asking us how we can possibly wrap and ship a product as green as our Globe Guard 100% PCW, recycled content boxes in an un-green material like plastic. For the benefit of those who wonder but don’t ask us, here are a few reasons why we do what we do.

Globe Guard Stretch Film is Oxo-Biodegradable

In other words, it is not a typical or average plastic product. We usually attach a note to each bundle or pallet load reminding customers that the film is above all else recyclable. That is not always the case with bio plastics, but our formulation does not prevent the film from being recycled after use. If it does unfortunately end up in a land fill, the film is formulated to breakdown in a fraction of the time other, standard plastics will degrade.

Globe Guard Boxes are also Biodegradable

As a natural paper product, all uncoated corrugated boxes tend to begin their degradation process as soon as they become wet, so keeping your boxes clean and dry is a priority for us. Yes, you are using a green shipping box, but no compromises are made in terms of quality and/or appearance.

Green, eco frienldy pallet stretch wrap filmGlobe Guard Stretch Film Unitizes and Contains

If you have noticed the thin, ¼” plastic strap most box makers use to unitize their product into convenient bundles of twenty-five, you know that strap is rarely applied correctly with the right amount of tension. Usually it is either too tight, possibly cutting into the boxes, or it is too loose, allowing the boxes to fall out of their bundle. Our Globe Guard film is rugged, elongates well and has a good amount of tack so the bundles arrive safely and in good condition, even after a possibly rough FedEx or UPS trip.

Last of all, our Globe Guard stretch film has a bright green color that helps the product we are shipping stand out. Your delivery man is not likely to miss it or deliver it to someone else by mistake.

In addition, at this time of year, we think it gives our boxes a nice “Christmas” look. Enjoy the season!