Who is Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products?

We are a company that helps customers make informed decisions about their primary and secondary packaging. Whether it is a retail paperboard container, a custom printed shipping box, or a custom printed bag designed for rack display, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your objective at the lowest possible cost.


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Why we believe sustainable packaging must be affordable?

In today’s tough economic times, any packaging change (green or otherwise) that is not cost efficient is simply not going to last. At the same time, if you can use more eco-friendly packaging materials and save money in the process, why wouldn’t you?


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What is branded packaging and why does it matter?

It is a lot more than printing a logo and web site address on your boxes, tape or mailer envelopes. It is about making a memorable, positive impression on your valuable customers. It is about understanding color, graphics, and their placement for maximum impact and it is also about how to get it done –economically!


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Why are packaging design and materials important?

We are unique in that we do not only work in one substrate such as paper or plastic, so we are able to begin a project with an open mind, focused totally on what is best for our customer and their specific application. Flexible packaging, paperboard packaging and of course corrugated packaging, or a combination of these materials may be the best choice for you.


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