Shakestir – A Cocktail Kit that Deserves More than a Shipping Box

31 Oct 2014 Shakestir – A Cocktail Kit that Deserves More than a Shipping Box

Shakestir boxWe have been working with e-commerce and subscription based companies for over five years and are thrilled have helped create many great looking boxes for a wide variety of product and programs. This includes everything from DIY jewelry, cold pressed juices, socks, kid’s crafts, candy, underwear, shaving gear, and every imaginable type of snack food.

We have done so many subscription boxes that it is now very unusual for us to do a “first” for a box in a market that is new to us. However, we recently experienced one of those rare occasions with a neat new company named Shakestir, and their extraordinary cocktail in a box delivery program.

Most people can cook, but very few are chefs. That is not too dissimilar from people who mix drinks and the talented people who go far beyond “gin and tonic” and create wonderful concoctions using a variety of liquors, ingredients, and garnishes. The hassle has always been coming up with the perfect ingredients and knowing how to blend them.

Shakestir takes all that effort out of the process and for now, only if you live in the NYC area, will deliver your cocktail kit to your door, COMPLETE with everything you will need (including fruit and garnishes) to help you prepare a delicious cocktail created by a professional leading mixologist, using only top shelf liquor and ingredients.

Unique Subscription Program – Very Unique Packaging

The tall die cut mailer is relatively basic, though the printing inside and out makes a great presentation. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the variety of bottle sizes and shapes that this box would have to accommodate so we created a two cavity, wraparound scored sheet, designed to isolate and protect each ingredient bottle. In addition we had to create a divider that could separate heavy bottled goods from potentially delicate fruit or garnishes.

Each subscriber box each month is likely to be different, so the package design had to be flexible and versatile. Of course it also has to be eco-friendly and attractive.

Check out and if you live in the NYC area and would like to give it a try, please feel free to use promo code DENNISISP at check out for a 10% discount.

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