Posted on April 8, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Reverse Logistics and the Globe Guard Reusable Box

Whether your company calls it closed loop recycling or reverse logistics, the fact is that some way, somehow, the task is to get a valuable resource back to where it can be reused. It is green, and it saves money.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box is a Tool to Make that Easier

Parts, components and a wide of variety of products are sent out into the world and in many cases are there for exchange, replacement or on loan. Think about cell phones, lap tops, electronic components, replacement parts and other items that are swapped out or returned for credit, etc.

The Globe Guard Reusable Box is constructed and designed to make the return trip at minimal material and labor cost. It also has the ability to eliminate the need for special marking and labeling because when the box is inverted inside-out, it can easily be pre-printed with any and all critical information, on both sides of the box. It’s great when the GGRB can be used to return a valuable resource back to where it is needed.

What about When the Valuable Resource is the Globe Guard Reusable Box?

Sometimes the challenge is getting the box back to where you can re-use it. In an ideal application, the inverted GGRB is used as a container to carry a product. In other cases the box is used for a one way trip and then returned to the place of origin so it can be used again. We are working on an application right now where the empty truck will be returning to the original shipping point with the empty GGRBs that were accumulated on a previous delivery. That makes the retrieval easy and adds little cost to the full or closed loop process.

There are also “dead end” applications where an empty truck is not conveniently able to return the still very reusable GGRB back to where it is needed. A great example is parts going into the field for technicians where the part being replaced is NOT being returned for inspection or credit. For those applications we are able to create a carrier container, made of course out of our Globe Guard 100% PCW corrugated board, pre-printed with shipment information, making it easy for the field technician to accumulate and return the empty GGRBs so they can be refilled with parts and eventually shipped back to him.

A Box to Ship Boxes?

Is that “green” and does that make economic sense? The honest answer is not always but more often than you may think. It depends on a number of factors including the GGRB size, value, weight, how it is being shipped and of course, where it is being shipped.

The point is that each and every application is slightly different but to date, when we are working with a customer determined to overcome an obstacle, we have been able to help them develop a strategy, product and/or process to help “close the loop”.
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