Reusable Packaging

What is Reusable Packaging?


We design and make many different types of packaging but one of the most difficult to define is “reusable packaging”.  How many times or how long does a package design have to be used before it can be called reusable? Many of our corrugated designs are able to withstand multiple and repeated uses but that cannot compare to a plastic corrugated design that may be used for months, or even years.


In our opinion there are many factors and considerations so we prefer a broader definition which is “reusable packaging for YOUR specific application”. In other words, the only requirements we are determined to meet are the ones that you create and we have enough experience in this area to be able to overcome most packaging challenges. Here are just a few examples of what we offer:

Globe Guard® Reusable Corrugated Containers


There is no other packaging material that is as recyclable as corrugated which usually ends up being reused to make new corrugated containers with a high percentage of PCW (post-consumer waste). We have been making our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content shipping boxes and mailer boxes since 2007.


Simply using a good green material is not enough, so while others create corrugated packaging that is intentionally disposable and single use, we do everything possible to extend the usable life cycle of all corrugated designs. Here is how we do it:


Structurally Designed for reuse – A great example is our Globe Guard Reusable Box™ which is designed for a minimum of two uses and is the first box that can be inverted inside out providing two distinct looks. (See video)

Product styles include:

  • Stock and custom RSC style containers that typically require no tooling for moving, storage or shipping boxes.
  • Stock and custom die cut mailers for E-commerce and Subscription Box programs
  • Reusable and two way mailer envelope designs in plastic or paper
  • Custom point of purchase (POP) displays able to serve multiple times as shipper and retail display unit
  • Stock and custom ecofriendly corrugated shipping boxes designed to be a greener alternative to EPS, foam coolers.

Board Spec for reuse – We have proven time after time that a small increase in board grade can dramatically impact how long and how often any corrugated container can be reused. For instance, increasing board thickness from common 32 ECT to 44 ECT typically costs less than 10% more. However, it can extend the life of the box for many, multiple uses internally or externally.


Board Coated for reuse – we have been on the leading edge of utilizing ecofriendly (non-poly, non-wax) coatings on corrugated to protect the board from premature breakdown to extend life and increase reusability anywhere from 6 to 10 times the norm. More importantly this resistance to oils or moisture can be accomplished without adversely affecting the corrugated board’s ability to be recycled and repulped.

Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer


If you have not viewed our short demonstration video, we encourage you to see how easily it works. The Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer™ easily and simultaneously slips over and under the major top flaps of any B or C flute (usually 32 ECT or 200# test board grade) RSC style shipping box, holding them in a closed position. The unique, patent pending design holds, but then easily slips off making the Reusable Box Sealer™ and the box it was used on, completely reusable.

Potential applications include:


  • Packing and unpacking for secondary operations such as machining, painting, labeling, etc.
  • Inventory control and supply chain management – being able to verify or count product contained in a box without having to utilize a knife to cut the box open.
  • Keeping contents in the box clean without having to quarter fold the top flaps.
  • Closed loop situations where the box being used can easily be emptied and returned for reuse. Two common examples are DC to retail store fulfillment, retail to DC returns, and injection or molded plastic parts being regularly delivered.
  • Long or short term moving and storage. Ideal for household personal items being packed, moved and unpacked, or perhaps records that require repeated access.
  • The high cost of a die cut or pre-molded reusable plastic tote can be avoided with an RSC designed box that allows clean and trouble free access.
  • Sealing of reusable containers such as plastic corrugated boxes WITHOUT the use of expensive, messy adhesive tape, hook/latch or die cut closure methods.

Additional Information


It is made in the USA of extra durable ABS material and is itself recyclable as a #7 plastic after a long, extended use.


The Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer™ is available in custom colors, and can also be private branded with your logo or other information for your specific use and application. It is available on our Globe Guard Products web store in convenient 20 and a 50 count packs.