Posted on June 17, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Globe Guard Reusable Boxes Are Ideal for Reusable or Reprintable Banners, Posters and Signs

The Globe Guard Reusable Box

Ideal for Banners

Even in the day of electronic media, we are still constantly bombarded by printed promotional messages because they work. Our attention is caught by the window sign introducing a new product, a poster announcing a sale, or a banner proclaiming a grand opening of a new location.

What all of these have in common is that they are temporary and unfortunately, usually discarded after their brief use. That is a tremendous waste of resources, including ink and substrate such as paper, plastic or even canvas.

The Good Green News

What is most encouraging is the fact that retail operations and printers are beginning to see this unnecessary waste and avoidable expense. The focus is shifting to “washable” inks and reusable substrates so that the same sign, banner or poster material can be used over and over with no deterioration of image quality. Neat stuff! Especially if your retail marketing plan includes a quarterly “Going Out of Business Sale” and you like a new look for each “Once in a Lifetime” event.

How the Globe Guard Reusable Box Can Help

Reclaiming and reusing that banner or sign is not difficult if you have a store or two. But what if your sale or promotion includes 2,300 retail locations scattered around the country? Think about all of the waste and cost that creates, as well as the potential confusion if they were returned to a reclaim or reverse logistics facility?

If a Globe Guard Reusable Box is used to ship the summer promotion banners out to each location, the GGRB can easily be inverted inside out, and the same box used to return the spring promotion banners to the printer. The printer washes the substrate and perhaps uses the same materials to print the fall promotion marketing message.

The GGRB is unique in that it features that dual look capability so perhaps it can be printed with a message that signals it as a return, ready for processing. This speeds up processing and reduces costs. After all, it is great to be able to do the right thing for the environment but it is also nice to save money in the process.

Is the Globe Guard Reusable Box the best solution for you? Perhaps a standard or medium duty Globe Guard box is all that is needed? Or maybe you see the advantage of using the box many times over and a reusable plastic box is the best option? Please see our previous blog post on this topic and give us a call for a free application analysis.