Really Cool, New Product Deserves More Than a Stock Shipping Box

13 Aug 2013 Really Cool, New Product Deserves More Than a Stock Shipping Box

Custom printed, die cut mailer boxWe pride ourselves as a company that specializes in custom size, custom grade and custom printed packaging, but every once in a while we meet a customer and product who drive us to raise the creativity bar even higher. Such a company and product are the nice people behind a revolutionary new product you can see at Nimblstand.  It’s an incredibly lightweight stand that makes it easy to integrate a Mac wireless keyboard and almost any type of iPad or iPhone type device.

Nimblstand – a great idea for a new way of life  

For years we have all watched people awkwardly attempt to utilize a key board with their electronic device on airplanes, restaurant tables and even on their laps in parks or on a commuter train. Congratulations to co-founders Gustavo Fontana and Matt Esecson for creating a product that makes it easy to do just that, without a big or clumsy accessory. As their web site says, it fits 99% of tablets, including all iPads, thanks to their Gravity Nesting™ design.

Unique, Custom Packaging Challenge

The Nimblstand is made in the USA, using the minimum of materials, and is totally recyclable so it deserved, if not demanded, packaging that matched it. The goal was to create a box that followed the Nimblstand’s unique profile and shape, so we designed a wedge-shaped locking shipping mailer that used the least amount of corrugated board, and also consumed the least amount of storage and shipping space.

Our Globe Guard ® 100% recycled content board was used and the end result is green in several ways including the fact that it is also 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and of course, printed with 100% water-based inks.

Nimblstand custom packagingA Shipping Box that is Attractive Enough for Retail Use

When many new products like the Nimblstand are launched, it is not unusual for a client to not know what their packaging needs are going to be because they are still uncertain how and where their product is going to be marketed. While some begin as an internet only sales product, they soon become retail shelf, or even “behind the counter” retail when the right opportunity presents itself.

For that reason we work to create low cost packaging solutions that look good and deliver a brand to the customers’ mail box and can also serve double duty in a retail type scenario. With a low cost label, adding a bar code or perhaps by adding a window to permit product visibility, a well branded, custom printed box can serve our clients in both ways at minimal cost.

It all begins with a good application review that includes the client’s objectives including their marketing and sales game plan. None of us knows what opportunities may develop in the future, so having a good packaging company to support your sales effort can give you flexibility and the ability to move quickly when those opportunities arrive.

If you would like to review your application, please contact us or call at 630-551-1700. One of our experienced packaging professionals will be glad to help you.

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