Pick and Pack Challenge – Keeping Open Product Clean

13 Oct 2011 Pick and Pack Challenge – Keeping Open Product Clean

I have visited some of the cleanest, neatest, pick-and-pack fulfillment warehouses in the country, yet I have never seen one that does not create and accumulate dust. Between paper dust from boxes, paper void fill and from the products themselves, or even from fork lift use, slow moving or seasonal products can look very old and very dirty in no time at all.

We’ve all seen open boxes in a warehouse covered with dust, but what we don’t always see is the products within or how often they have to be discarded because they are no longer sellable. Or, worse yet, when customers complain because they received the item they ordered and it looks soiled or used.

What to Do About “Dust Magnets”

Certain types of products just seem to attract excessive dust. These dust magnets include almost any form of plastic, glass and soft goods. I’m not sure if products that are white or light colored attract more dust or perhaps they just make the dust more obvious, but if your warehouse includes books with vinyl covers, glassware or even tee shirts and golf shirts, you know what I mean.

What these items also have in common is that they are usually not easily cleaned. You probably prefer that your pickers and packers do not spend time cleaning products before shipment, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

An Inexpensive Green Solution

The Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer™ (GGRBS) slips onto any RSC style box in seconds and grips the major flaps firmly, holding them in a closed position and helping to keep the box contents clean. Equally important, the GGRBS can be easily removed, providing fast access for order fulfillment, physical inventory counts, etc. Since no tape or adhesive is required to hold the box closed, repeated access is unlimited, clean and inexpensive.

What makes the GGRBS “green?” In addition to eliminating the need for costly tape and adhesives, its unique, patent-pending design allows inexpensive RSC style boxes to be reused over and over, saving time, money and trees. In addition, the GGRBS is made of durable ABS and should reusable for years to come but is recyclable as a #7 plastic.

The Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer™ is a stock item on our Globe Guard Products store and available in convenient 20- and 50-count units. To watch our reusable box sealer demo video and learn more, please visit our newest web site: www.ReusablePackagingOptions.com. And, as always, please do not hesitate to contact Salazar Packaging if you have any questions on this new and exclusive Globe Guard® product.

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