Packaging Sale! 15% Off on New Padded Paper Mailer Envelopes

29 Mar 2021 Packaging Sale! 15% Off on New Padded Paper Mailer Envelopes

Stock Paper Padded Envelopes by Salazar PackagingOne of the most popular new products for e-commerce is paper padded mailer envelopes. Not the old-style paper envelopes filled with shredded paper that are heavy (mail cost) and messy when ripped. We are talking about the new style that is clean, light, and already in use by mega shippers like Amazon and Target. You probably have already received one or more in your mailbox.

Now our low price is reduced an additional 15%!

Why are these padded paper mailer envelopes red hot?

  1. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and to ship. They are exceptionally light weight, reducing shipping cost. With the high cost of corrugated boxes on the verge of yet another major price increase, products that might otherwise ship in a box, can be shipped in this low-cost alternative.
  1. They are an exceptionally sustainable, DTC packaging alternative compared to other mailer envelopes. Unlike plastic bubble lined paper mailers envelopes, these do not require separation or sorting. They are 100% recyclable at curbside or anywhere paper waste is processed. If your customers are especially green minded, they are going to LOVE this product.recyclable cushioning exposed in padded mailer envelopes
  1. They are available custom printed, but the volume is usually a truck load, typically over 120,000 depending on size. We realize that is a large MOQ for many companies, but you can easily label or stamp them for branding.
  1. All five UNPRINTED stock sizes are ready to ship today. These are shown and priced on our store . You can now use the same envelopes the biggest companies are using without high minimums for non-custom size or printed mailers.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to see a sample for review. You can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through Check out this link now to take advantage of our 15% off list price sale.

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