OoOTie Boston Bow Ties selects a Globe Guard® custom shipper design

22 May 2014 OoOTie Boston Bow Ties selects a Globe Guard® custom shipper design

Chicago_Flag_Bow_tie_by_OoOtie_Boston_Bow_tiesBow ties are in though some would say they were never out. We have all admired a well-dressed man who wears a bow tie confidently, looking very distinguished. One of our new customers, OoOtie Boston Bow Ties (OoO Ties rhymes with BOW ties) specializes in making fashionable bow ties available and convenient. Check out their new web site to see one of the neatest assortment of bow ties available on the web.

Great looking packaging for a great looking product Much like the products they sell, the nice people at OoOTie wanted packaging that is attractive and distinctive, while remaining ecofriendly and classy. They decided on a very small custom box, in Kraft with minimal black print. There is more to this small (5” X 3-1/2” X 1-1/2”) box than it may appear. First of all it is an Eco Mailer Box™ style that uses the minimum amount of corrugated and makes it easy for the customer to remove the product being shipped. (See related post below) In addition, it has dust flaps to make the box stronger and prevent the bow ties from falling out or being pilfered, as well as an easy open tab and cut out. Custom printed, die cut mailer boxThe end result is a box that satisfied all of OoOTie’s objectives, delivering the product safely, in an economical but eye catching shipping container. If you are looking for a very attractive bow tie, check out the OoO tie web site and if you are in need of a very attractive, eco-friendly, custom printed shipping container, contact the e-commerce packaging specialists at Salazar Packaging.

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