Now Globe Guard® Eco Friendly Packaging Products Can Help in LEED Certification Effort!

15 Mar 2011 Now Globe Guard® Eco Friendly Packaging Products Can Help in LEED Certification Effort!

Delta InstituteFrom the beginning, our Globe Guard green packaging products have been valued by people eager to reduce waste, as well as minimize their carbon and water footprint. Not surprisingly, many of those same customers have also achieved or are working toward their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for their buildings and facilities. Now, thanks to the Delta Institute, Globe Guard packaging products will count and help applicants earn points in the “Sustainable Purchasing-Ongoing Consumables” portion of their application.

Who Is Delta Institute?

Buying BetterThey are an independent, nationally recognized non-profit organization that creates, funds and implements programs designed to preserve the environment. Among their many innovative programs is their web site where members can purchase products, at a discount, that have been vetted (verified) and approved towards their environmental goals and mission. Membership is free, and I encourage you to see the variety of products available to you.

Why This Matters to LEED Applicants and Others

At a time when green washing is rampant and has undermined the trust environmentally minded buyers have in green products and companies, it is good to know a qualified and well respected third party organization like Delta Institute has already done the time-consuming homework it takes to verify a product as legitimate and as a positive alternative compared to other similar but less green products. The fact that our products have been reviewed and approved saves our current and potential customers valuable time and money.

This news follows the announcement last September when Green America, the largest organization of green minded businesses, selected Salazar Packaging as the preferred packaging supplier for their Green Business Network.

Obviously, we are thrilled to be selected by these two highly respected organizations and are committed to designing and providing even more eco-friendly packaging solutions in the future. For more information on Delta Institute, and Globe Guard® products, please see this press release (“Salazar Packaging’s Globe Guard® Packaging Products Now Qualify for LEED Certification Credits“) and feel free to call us with any questions.