New SPI Web Site Gallery Page for E-commerce and Subscription Box Packaging Applications

16 Sep 2014 New SPI Web Site Gallery Page for E-commerce and Subscription Box Packaging Applications

gallery-bannerWe are always very proud of the customers we work with and the packaging products and custom printed boxes we help them design. We freely share photos of our branded packaging work on our blog, our web site, and also on the very popular web site.

It was time we collect the many photos of our work and presented them in one easy to find, easy to navigate web page and we did at There you will see a large sampling of the variety of work we have done, including:

Colorful Subscription Boxes

We have printed well over forty different subscription boxes for products ranging from snacks to shaving gear. While some prefer a minimalist approach to graphic design, others create boxes that explode with color and are not shy about complex graphics.

Semi-Custom printed shipping containers

In our gallery we show some of the most popular sizes we have cutting dies for enabling new customers to use our available dies to save time and money. I am sure you will notice how many different looks you can create with the same box style and size, making it ideal for your customers and market.

Inside Printing

Many companies will not bother promoting or featuring inside box capabilities but we encourage it. Sure it adds cost but not as much as you might think and it is sure to impress your customers.

Mailer Envelopes

One of our most popular products thanks to a low one case minimum for custom printing. They are available Kraft or white, flat or gusseted, making them a great low cost shipping option for tee shirts and other clothing.

Internal Packaging

We are able to save customers time and money by combining stock size or custom boxes and customized inserts that can be made to fit their specific product or application. The types of materials used include molded pulp, molded foam, die cut corrugated, as well as partitions and dividers. A properly designed insert can reduce packing time, eliminate layers of packaging or loose void fill and reduce shipping damage and replacement costs.

What you see on our new gallery page is just a small sampling of our work. If you have an idea or concept you want to discuss, please contact us at Salazar Packaging. We are certain to be able to guide you to a branded box you will be proud of at the lowest possible cost.

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