New Eco Friendly Corrugated Mailer Design is Ideal for Presentation, Sample or Sales Kits

13 Jun 2012 New Eco Friendly Corrugated Mailer Design is Ideal for Presentation, Sample or Sales Kits

Driven by economic and environmental concerns, packaging today has become lighter, more versatile and designed to satisfy more than one need. With innovative design, a shipping box can be a convenient and effective presentation box or carrying case.

This design was inspired by a customer who wanted to eliminate an outer container that they were using to ship sample cases to their field sales reps. The one absolute requirement was that the container include a handle so the kit could be easily carried by the recipient. If you ship UPS, USPS or FedEx, you know handles or flaps protruding from the container being shipped are not acceptable to the carriers and are likely to result in damage.  Essentially, we were challenged to create a shipping box with a carrying handle that could be tucked away during shipment.

Design and Include ALL of the Features You Need

We often encourage customers to consider custom design rather than “off the rack” or stock. People who are accustomed to buying stock products often don’t realize custom design offers possibilities that are almost endless with nearly any feature they need to make the package perfect.

Even in terms of size, stock buyers tend to think in even inches (example: 12” X 6” X 4” when possibly, the best or ideal size is 11-1/2” X 6-1/4” X 3-1/4” high. We can be exact and don’t have to worry about being “close” when it comes to dimensions or features such as a tuck away handle for carrying.

The “Perfect” Green Package

Our objective is always to create the best possible, lowest cost and greenest, custom package for our clients. Every aspect, from the corrugated board type, the board weight, board color, board recycled content, are all considered. The box style and size can be and should be perfect on a custom box, and we make sure they are.

Our experience extends beyond the corrugated design to graphics advice enabling us to provide you a process that is as easy as possible and at the lowest cost. Please contact us with your unique packaging needs for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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