and Globe Guard® water-activated box sealing tape – a great, green story

15 Nov 2011 and Globe Guard® water-activated box sealing tape – a great, green story

Natural ContentsWe love it when new green companies call us, because their enthusiasm is energizing and their commitment to sustainability strengthens our own resolve. These new green entrepreneurs usually do their homework and they don’t waste resources, especially money. They also understand the importance and value of being “eco consistent,” from the products they sell to the packaging they use to ship orders into their customers’ homes.

The above description perfectly describes Jennifer and Danielle, the founders of Natural Contents. They have just launched a terrific new site offering a great assortment of natural, green and organic products and ingredients for cooking. Whether you love to cook, eat, or both, check out the site and you will be impressed!

How Green Is Green?

Globe Guard printed tapeWhen most people like Jennifer Bitetto first contact us they are usually eager to use our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content shipping boxes. Often, they will also add our 100% recycled labels, eco-friendly void fill and other green packaging products to their project.

The toughest sale, however, might be convincing a new customer to use reinforced, water-activated tape rather than traditional and much more popular plastic box sealing tape. After all, they can buy a single roll of plastic tape almost anywhere, and water-activated tape (WAT) can only be purchased by the case. In addition, WAT requires the use of a dispenser to moisten the tape and activate its natural adhesive.

Packaging Products and Practical Advice

One of the things that makes us different than the many packaging web stores and catalog companies is our willingness and ability to provide guidance based on decades of experience. We are big proponents of water-activated tape since it is greener compared to plastic tape and because, quite simply, it works better.

We discussed WAT with Jennifer, and she decided to give it a try. Last week she made my day when she sent me an email that included this comment:

“I love that water activated tape! I can’t even begin to explain. It actually makes the box a solid object. It’s incredible. I don’t think I’ll use plastic ever again.”

Jennifer discovered what other WAT users already know, which is, unlike plastic tape that will often sit on top of corrugated board without true adhesion, water-activated tape actually fuses to a corrugated box and becomes part of it. This actually makes corrugated board stronger and will usually result in savings on boxes, tape and even on shipping damage.

At a time when so many unhealthy food products are being sold, it is great to see a company with the quality products offered at Also, when many are still convinced green packaging products don’t work as well as the standard, non-green options, we are glad to help people see there are many that do. This includes water-activated paper tape, as well as the custom and stock products offered at