Posted on July 21, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Nashville Wraps and Salazar Packaging Team Up to Offer Globe Guard 100% PCW Boxes

Globe Guard Corrugated Boxes

Globe Guard Corrugated Boxes

(Note: this post written by Dennis Salazar also appeared on Nashville Wraps blog on July 6th, 2009)

Sustainable Packaging Creates Strange Bedfellows

I may be paraphrasing the old adage about politics but there is absolutely no politics involved in the decision for Nashville Wraps to offer Globe Guard, 100% recycled (PCW) content shipping boxes to their customers. It is really all about good customer service and making it easy for customers to order and receive what they want and need.

Two Different Companies with One, Almost Identical Objective

nashville-wraps-eco-friendly-gift-packagingMost people and their own customers recognize Nashville Wraps as an innovator and leader in their market of decorative, retail and gift packaging. They long ago committed to making their products and company as green as possible and made news in the green and packaging communities with their Green Way® product line.

Our company, Salazar Packaging, Inc. has been working toward the same goal in our product area of green, eco friendly packaging products for secondary (shipping) purposes. We created and trademarked the Globe Guard® line of 100% PCW boxes and began promoting them in 2007.

Some Background on Globe Guard Boxes

Two years ago when we spoke with people in the green community, the complaints and comments about green packaging were very consistent:

  • Green packaging products are very expensive
  • Green packaging products are difficult to find
  • Green packaging products are always custom made with large minimums
  • Green packaging products are not always authentic

That is what really inspired us to create the Globe Guard product line, which makes 100% PCW boxes available for immediate shipment in small quantities at competitive prices. The products are definitely authentically green and thanks to Nashville Wraps, they are now extremely easy for their customers to order along with their other purchases.

Service is the Key

Today as many companies try to minimize inventory and may even be operating with a reduced staff, convenience is increasingly important as is fast delivery. We have all become used to buying on line over the internet but the goal is to buy what we need with as few “clicks” as possible and in most cases we expect the product at our door within a few days, at most. This alliance between Nashville Wraps and Salazar Packaging is focused on providing that required ease of ordering and convenience.


We at Salazar Packaging love talking about the importance of “eco consistency” which suggests that a company claiming to be green to their customers needs to be green throughout. Shipping your green products to your green minded customers in green packaging is just one step in the right eco direction.

We are confident that together with Nashville Wraps, we will make it easier for our customers to accomplish this, and let’s face it, everyone wins when we do what is right for the environment.

This Thursday, meet Robby Meadows, the founder of Nashville Wraps as we interview him here on Inside Sustainable Packaging.