Posted on August 10, 2010 by Dennis Salazar – the B2B Eco Packaging Resource

B2B PackagingFor a purchasing professional, there are many good reasons to visit and use our new and unique eco friendly packaging site but based on initial feedback, most fall into these two broad categories:

Green Packaging will save you, the B2B buyer, time and money.

You can search through the many “green” websites offering everything from soy candles to organic cotton baby diapers, but packaging is all the five charter companies do and feature on the site. Five distinct vendors at one site, with products listed in an easily sorted format. You will also find an interesting and valuable new connection and link in the section we call “additional green resources and products.” But the primary focus of our site is green packaging, and we offer it in more forms than many people realize are available.

Most purchasing professionals we know these days are short handed, so being able to find the green packaging product you need, without having to weed through pages of Google results can save you a lot of time. Packaging is a broad industry, and from our home page and throughout, our site is designed to get to what you need quickly. On, you are only a click away from the appropriate and best vendor.

The other thing you will find at Green Packaging is guidance and “how to” advice, written by experienced industry experts with a proven record of showing clients how to use less and greener products. Chances are we have already worked with hundreds if not thousands of packaging applications similar to yours, so we can help you avoid a costly mistake with personal consultation or one of our informative, related blog posts. Also, don’t be surprised if someone at Nashville Wraps suggests Salazar Packaging or someone at Eco Bags directs you to Distant Village. We will not hesitate to refer you to a different participating company if it is the right thing to do.

Green Packaging will help you save the planet.

Green typically saves money by reducing waste and your carbon footprint. Whether you believe in global warming, climate change, or neither, most everyone agrees we all have to minimize the amount of packaging we use for the economics as well as the appearance.

Even in the down economy, one of the few market segments that has shown continuous growth is green because more and more customers see the need to change old, wasteful and careless habits. If you sell one of the many new, green products available today, you will send an eco consistent message by utilizing the green packaging vendors we have united for your benefit and that of the earth in bad need of repair.

Please let us know how we can help you save some money, time and a planet.